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Abi Cleeve's Skinsense tackles pigmentation with new AP Perfecting product line

Lauretta Roberts
11 March 2024

Skincare expert and entrepreneur Abi Cleeve, who made her name in beauty by bringing the Ultrasun SPF range to the UK, has set her sights on tackling pigmentation with the latest specialist product line from her own Skinsense brand.

The AP Perfect range contains a full suite of solutions to tackle the issue across the face and body and will be formally launched on 1 April.

Built on a formula that includes three key active ingredients, N-Acetyl Glucosamine (known as NAG), Niacinimide and Hexylresorcinol, the range includes an Anti-Pigmentation Night Cream, Face Cream, Neck & Decolleté Cream, Body Elixir and Eye Cream.

The range was born on the back of the Anti-Pigmentation Serum, which was launched in 2022, and is now available in a supersize. The sell-out success of that product led to customers requesting products for the whole body.

At a preview event held in London last week, Cleeve conducted an interview with skin expert, educator and author Dija Ayodele in which Ayodele revealed that searches for solutions for pigmentation were on the rise on Google and were the number one search on her Black Skin Directory.

Ayodele explained that while pigmentation was a common concern, it is not a "bad" thing, and cited a recent image of tennis star Serena Williams attending Paris Fashion Week in a dress which revealed pigmentation across her neck and décolleté.

Dija Ayodele

For those who wish to address the concern, Cleeve has released that six-piece line-up to provide targeted, slow-release treatment. The active ingredients appear in high concentrations in the formula and are locked in with innovative Lamellar structure. All three actives – N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Niacinimide and Hexylresorcinol - are known to treat pigmentation individually but studies them to be even more effective when used together.

"My work with both Ultrasun and SkinSense means that I see firsthand how UV and hormonal changes cause instances of pigmentation on all skin types. After daily SPF, pigmentation prevention and mitigation require specific skincare actives. Getting the right combination of ingredients proven to address pigmentation whilst formulating them in a delivery system our skin can effectively absorb is the difference between... seeing the difference!

"Our first Advanced Perfecting pigmentation serum launched with a 'better together' two-ingredient combination in 2021 and has been a best seller since. We have been developing a complete face and body pigmentation range with a targeted, highly compatible triple ingredient formula that’s now ready for launch. Utilising SkinSense’s signature Lamellar formula; actives are encapsulated in skin-compatible gel structures that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. The slow release of these ingredients ensures superior results throughout the day and night," Cleeve said.


Abi Cleeve

Having brought Swiss SPF brand Ultrasun to the UK, Cleeve launched the Skinsense line in 2016 using lamellar technology as the core. Lamellar structure technology is composed of fine, alternating layers that form an even bond with the skin, delivering antioxidants that the skin needs to fight external aggressors on a daily, even hourly, basis by taking them deeper into the skin. These structures enable the high-quality and healthy ingredients to remain within the skin’s layers for up to 10 hours.

"For over two decades, I have been working with the latest technological advancements in skincare. With Ultrasun, lamellar technology allowed us to achieve long-lasting UVA and UVB protection. This was when I questioned: why we can’t do the same with hydration, targeted skin strengtheners and the highly active ingredients we all want in our skin day and night?" Cleeve explained.

As well as the AP range, Skinsense also offers a Signature collection addressing the most common skincare concerns: the Hydranet collection for long lasting moisture and comfort and the Ceramide24 collection for restoring and repairing the lipid barrier.

The ranges are available at, Fenwick and via QVC, where Cleeve is a regular presenter. Prices for the AP line range from £32 to £48 and it will be available from 1 April.

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