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Airports to see £270m worth of toiletries dumped at security gates this summer

Sophie Smith
09 August 2022

UK travellers are expected to pay £494 million in excess baggage costs and dump £270 million in toiletries and cosmetics at security gates this summer, according to a report by Next.

Research by the fashion retailer revealed that the average UK holidaymaker only uses three-quarters of what's in their suitcase, with 90% overpacking when going on holiday.

A third have had to pay excess baggage fees at the airport because they packed too many items in their case. Next also reported that 42% of the 2,000 Brits surveyed admitted to throwing away full-sized toiletries at security gates because they were too large to fit in their carry on.

On average, each Brit will be forced to bin £6.45 worth of toiletry products at airport security this year, this increases to £7.92 amongst men. Similarly, on average, each Brit will pay £11.80 in excess baggage costs this year. For one in 20, this cost increases to £75.

For a seven night trip, 13% of UK travellers pack at least 20 outfits and 16% pack at least 11 pairs of underwear.

The 25-34 age group was found the most likely to overpack, with 53% saying they always bring too many items with them on holiday. Women are also the most likely to overpack, with the average female traveller overpacking by 32% every time they go away, only using 68% of what they packed.

Cardiff was named the top city for people who always overpack, followed closely by Sheffield and Bristol.

The report emphasised the main reasons behind overpacking, with a 18% saying they often forget crucial items if they don't. However, a quarter of people surveyed said they often regretted overpacking.

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