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And Begin targets midlife skin with new personalised service

Sophie Smith
16 January 2024

And Begin, a new personalised skincare brand founded by the dermatological team behind Skin + Me, has launched with a new service for midlife skin.

The brand aims to "champion midlife women whilst perfectly meeting their skincare needs" with on demand dermatology advice.

It is inspired by the understanding that women in midlife are looking for a wider scope of effective ingredients alongside their prescription ones, as well as the deeper hydration and nourishment they traditionally find in premium skincare.

Consultant Dermatologist Malvina Cunningham said: "The skin needs of midlife women are absolutely distinct. As we studied the habits and feedback of hundreds of thousands of Skin + Me consumers, we acknowledged that despite getting great results from their prescription ingredients, midlife women need more from their formulation.

"It became clear that they want the superior skin benefits of prescription ingredients, such as Tretinoin and Azelaic Acid in a personalised product tailored to her life stage."

The service

The personalised service begins with a free online consultation, allowing consumers to answer a series of skin-related questions and upload four makeup-free pictures for analysis.

From this information, the brand's team of prescribers will develop a personalised 30ml treatment for each user.

Users can also sign up for auto-replenishment, making them a member with first access to products, expertise and events.

The treatment

The personalised Serum-in-a-Cream treatment features a proprietary 1,2,3 Age Management System, described as "an intelligent new way to formulate that succinctly and effectively addresses midlife skin goals".

The three components work in synergy to encourage a "tangible and progressive" change in midlife skin. These include:

1 - Core Prescription Ingredients

Described as expertly chosen and evidence-based potent ingredients, such as Tretinoin and Azeliac Acid, that elicit visible improvement to lines, hyperpigmentation and firmness.

2 - Cosmeceutical Actives

A defined complex of powerful ingredients at proven percentages to address midlife age concerns and advance radiance, smoothness and luminosity. Ingredients include Matrixyl 3000, Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramide Lipid Complex.

3 - Soothing Hydrating Blend

A personalised blend that nourishes and moisturises, working to improve skin's tolerance to the Core Prescription Ingredients. This includes niacinamide, oat kernel extract, bisabolol, ectoin, pomegranate extract and pro-vitamin B5.

And Begin launches as more and more consumers are opting for personalised skincare services to help meet their skin goals.

These experiences are often popular amongst consumers with specific skin concerns to help them navigate the highly-saturated market.

Other brands in the space include Skin + Me, Dermatica and Renude, with And Begin hoping to address a gap in the market by only targeting midlife skin.

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