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APOTHEM launches into BEAST. online

Sadiyah Ismailjee
16 October 2020

Wellness and skincare brand, APOTHEM has launched its full collection of premium CBD x botanical blends online into men’s focused retailer, BEAST.

Transforming the way men buy beauty, BEAST. now offers consumers the opportunity to shop APOTHEM amongst its best in class edit of men’s beauty, grooming and wellness brands.

The APOTHEM product range available at BEAST. includes the Multi CBD Body Balm (£40), Recharge CBD Gel-Cream (£55), Sculpt CBD Bath Salts (£65), Sculpt CBD Body Oil (£290), as well as a range of CBD Oral Drops.

The growing customer demand for CBD has driven the industry to develop at an accelerated rate. According to the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis, the UK CBD market is set to grow by £300m per year with an estimated 1.3 million regular users to date.

The total Vitamin D industry is worth £145m and Vitamin C is worth £119m, which combined is less than that of CBD.

Retail and Partnerships Director at APOTHEM, Georgina Thatcher said: “Working with BEAST. on their new wellness category has been really exciting. The team clearly put so much thought into curating products and brands that they’re proud to recommend so we’re delighted to be featured as their CBD brand of choice."

"With men investing more in their self-care regimes, we’re looking forward to working with BEAST. to help change the way British men approach personal wellbeing and educate them more about the restorative power of plants.”

Co-Founder at BEAST., Spencer Wallace added: “At BEAST. we’re focused on offering our audience products that can improve their life, going beyond body, hair, shaving and skincare. This is why we’re launching our new wellness category, developing a platform that helps support physical and mental wellbeing as well as sleep health, nutrition, fitness and beyond."

"We’re delighted to partner with APOTHEM as our exclusive CBD brand. We’re inspired by their innovative approach, harnessing the power of CBD in synergy with botanicals to deliver ethical and sustainable products that are efficacious in their results.”

Apothem has also partnered with London-based artists The Connor Brothers to raise awareness and funds for the mental health charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably).

The limited-edition collection includes packaging of the signature DAY DROPS (£230) and a sustainable TOTE bag made with social enterprise re-wrap (£20). For every DAY Drop sold, £70 will be donated to CALM Charity and for every tote, £6.

APOTHEM is a plant-based wellness and CBD brand launched in 2019 with a range of premium lifestyle products. Expertly formulated to combine the highest quality Cannabidiol (CBD) with carefully selected botanical ingredients. The range has been crafted to fit around busy modern lifestyles and helps restore balanced wellbeing.

BEAST. brings together over 75 premium brands spanning across Body, Hair, Shave, Face and Wellness. Presenting a unique mix of innovative newcomers and long-established cult classics.

BEAST.’s e-commerce platform, digitally mirrors how products are merchandised in store; by category bringing the omni-channel a little closer, giving a seamless consumer experience both in-store or online.

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