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Arjowiggins helps beauty brands stamp out plastic packaging with sustainable alternative

Tom Bottomley
30 October 2020

With a mission to help retailers and brands create a circular economy, independent paper manufacturer Arjowiggins, which dates back to the 17th century, has launched Sylvicta – a game-changing new sustainable alternative to plastics in packaging – which could have a global impact on how beauty products are packaged.

 Sylvicta is a translucent barrier paper that has been proven to preserve the quality of, not only cosmetics, but food too, and it does it just as well as conventional plastics, while having a limited impact on the environment.

The pioneering paper is fully recyclable, compostable, marine degradable and made from renewable raw materials.

Through precision fibre refining, Arjowiggins’ experienced research and development teams have developed this unique translucent paper with a natural bonding, without the need of any harmful chemicals. The result is a paper with a barrier to oxygen that does the job of keeping items fresher for longer.

Additionally, Arjowiggins is working continuously with brand owners, retailers and packaging converters to open up an array of applications.

Answering the retail market’s need for sustainable alternatives to single-use packaging and flexible laminates, with Sylvicta brands can reduce or even eradicate the use of plastics in their packaging. It’s the ideal solution for creating a globally sustainable, circular economy as it can integrate into existing recycling schemes.

Christophe Jordan, Managing Director of the Translucent Papers division at Arjowiggins, says: “Despite the ongoing movement towards more sustainable packaging, in the retail sector plastics still remain a popular choice, largely for practical reasons.

“Until now, most of the existing offer, mainly in single-use packaging, use unrecyclable, multi-layered laminates incorporating plastics or aluminium foil.

“The good news is retailers looking for a fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper packaging need look no further than Sylvicta – the product is simply revolutionary.”

Additionally Sylvicta offers a wide array of creative possibilities as it can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, printed in offset and even metallised.

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