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Athletia launches in UK

Sophie Smith
02 November 2021

Japanese skincare brand Athletia has launched in the UK for the first time. The brand has a strong focus on natural ingredients and aims to have a 360 degree sustainable approach.

Harnessing the power of botanical extracts and essential oil, Athletia uses plant-based extracts grown in the brand's recycling orientated farms.

The beauty brand emphasises its commitment to using conscious materials, using certified recycling paper for boxes and printed materials and plastic bottles manufactured from sugar-cane-derived Bio Polyethylene.

The range features three product lines, designed to support active lifestyles. This includes Tune & Charge, Active & Go and Breathe & Sleep. The Athletia treatment cleansing oil, skin protection UV gel and aroma wrapping body cream are among the brand's range.

The full Athletia range is available online now.

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