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Beauty Pie reveals top ten trends for 2023

Chloe Burney
05 December 2022

Luxury beauty and skincare retailer Beauty Pie has published its trends report for 2023, with wolf cuts and graphic eyeliner topping the charts.

The site, which looked at beauty, hair, makeup, and skincare trends, revealed that hair cuts and makeup looks were the most impactful trends of 2022 and will continue to be as we move into the new year.

Whilst many iconic beauty looks, such as bold brows and bright lips, stay stand the test of time, TikTok and Instagram have opened Gen Z and Millennial generations to new trends every week. Beauty Pie analysed millions of data points for hundreds of trends on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google to create the official 2023 trend report.

The 'Wolf Cut' ranked the number one trend of 2022, with 1,901,338,504 online engagements. The tag has over 1.9 billion TikTok views, 95,503 Instagram posts, over 1.2 million global Google searches in the last year, and over 1000 Pinterest boards.

'Graphic Eyeliner' took the second spot with over 1,600,300,338 engagements, 1.6 billion views on Tiktok and 275,000 Instagram posts. This year we’ve come a long way from the chic feline flick and graphic kohl and liquid liners are the new way to emphasise eyes.

This was followed by:

  • Mewing with 1,500,265,231 engagements
  • Skin barrier with 1,500,225,656 engagements
  • Brow lamination with 1,303,579,028 engagements
  • Mermaid hair colour with 771,705, 913 engagements
  • Niacinamide with 655,606,020 engagements
  • Slugging with 493,556,963 engagements
  • Lash serum 418,555,028 engagements
  • Copper hair with 356,147,706 engagements

Beauty Pie’s 2023 report includes predictions for the top trends in 2023, created by analysing recent popular searches. ‘Butterly Haircut’ has had a spike of 12432% in the run-up to 2023. The hairstyle, named after the winged insects, combines short and long layers to create a wispy finish that simultaneously frames and contours the face.

This was followed by:

  • Octopus haircut up by 6104%
  • Coquette makeup up by 1690%
  • Jellyfish haircut up by 1185%
  • Chebula Serum up by 922%
  • Peptide lip treatment up by 442%
  • Slugging up by 392%
  • Spiky bun up by 257%
  • Wolf cut up by 135%
  • Doe eye makeup up by 122%

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