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Beauty Pie teams up with Dr Andrew Markey to expand Youthbomb franchise

Lauretta Roberts
16 February 2023

Beauty Pie has added to its popular Youthbomb franchise, produced in partnership with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Andrew Markey, with the introduction of a new serum.

The Double-Retinol™ Serum features "specially-selected" retinoids for double-duty firming, brightening, smoothing and collagen support. Its ingredients include microencapsulated retinol, retinoids, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and prickly pear.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Andrew Markey said: "Retinol is the master of all the skincare molecules, and this serum is next-level. It works on every layer of the skin, and every cell type."

The new serum joins the sell-out 360 Radiance Concentrate and the Biologic Collagen Peptide™ Cream in the Youthbomb range.

Priced at £170 for non-members and £44 for members, the Youthbomb Double-Retinol Action Skin Overhaul Serum is available now at Beauty Pie.

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