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Beauty salon, nail bars and spas to stay closed for longer in the UK

Sadiyah Ismailjee
23 June 2020

The UK government has announced that beauty salons, nail bars and spas in England won’t be allowed to open in early July. The news follows as the UK government continues to ease lockdown regulations.

From the 4 July hairdressers, pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants will be able to re-open, a crucial measure for attracting consumers back to high streets, retail parks and shopping centres.

Businesses allowed will re-open as the previous strict two-metre social distancing rule is relaxed, although it hasn’t been abolished all together.

The public is still being advised to stay two metres apart where feasible but a “one metre plus” option has been introduced so they can get closer, as long as they’re wearing face coverings or not sitting face to face.

This means beauty therapists, nail technicians, tattoo artists and more who are required to be in close contact with consumers will have to wait a bit longer to resume their trades.

The original two-metre rule will continue to be enforced in Scotland and Wales.

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