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Beauty's Age of Independence: Exclusive report in partnership with GXO
08 August 2023

It is estimated that around 12,000 beauty brands are entering the global market every year and, often, they are launched by individual entrepreneurs.

In this report you will read stories of founders who made it their mission to find solutions for concerns ranging from acne-prone skin to the adverse effects of the menopause, or to bring solutions to customers who have been underserved such as haircare for women of colour or make-up for millennial and up women. Alongside addressing a particular issue or customer this new generation of brand is also built on purpose and values, be it ethical sourcing of ingredients, supporting communities and a highly personal level of customer service.

Just as the brands themselves are looking for stand-out, so are the major beauty retailers, and one of the ways they are doing that is by seeking out new, independent brands (such as those featured in our report) to stock in their stores and on their websites to give their beauty offering a point of difference over their competitors.

Enabling growth in the beauty industry:

Going stratospheric sounds like the dream but if you don’t have the infrastructure to support demand, and sudden surges in it, then the opportunity could be lost. Quite often brands start out operating from a small/home office and carry out fulfilment themselves and when hit with a sudden surge in demand are unable to capitalise.

As this report establishes, supply chain and logistics are key to growth plans but, for obvious reasons, this doesn’t tend to be part of the skillset of many beauty entrepreneurs.  This is where partnering with a logistics expert, like GXO, can help.

Download this report to gain invaluable insights into the growth stories behind some of beauty's most high-growth niche brands. Understand the challenges, successes and ambitions.


  1. BYOMA- Breaking (and mending) barriers in Gen Z skincare
  2. FREYA + BAILEY- Celebrating and supporting menopause
  3. BOUCLÈME- Celebrating hair’s natural curls and coils
  4. KALMAR- Fusing mental health, wellness and holistic beauty
  5. PEACE OUT- Hyper-specific solution-led skincare

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