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Boots launches campaign to help children and schools with essential hygiene products

Tom Shearsmith
25 August 2022

To help more children start the new school year with confidence, Boots and The Hygiene Bank have launched a new campaign to donate hygiene products to children and schools.

Through its partnership with The Hygiene Bank, Boots will donate 50,000 products this September including items that children may desperately need, such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, shampoo, shower gel, deodorants and period products.

A new survey from Boots and The Hygiene Bank revealed that almost all teachers (97%) report that some of the children in their care need more basic hygiene items. 91% of teachers reported that children with basic essentials are more likely to come into school feeling confident and ready to get stuck into lessons.

After supplying pupils with hygiene products, teachers report that 60% of pupils seem happier and 42% said they thought the pupil was more willing to learn.

Over three quarters (78%) of teachers said that hygiene poverty is a serious issue in the UK, which could be a barrier to children reaching their full potential at school, with period products, deodorant and shower gel the most in-demand items for school-aged children.

The products will be distributed through The Hygiene Bank’s network to schools and local community projects to support children and families who are experiencing hygiene poverty on a daily basis. Since 2020, Boots, with the support of its customers, has donated over one million products to people living in hygiene poverty.

Members of the public can also donate full and unopened products via one of 500 Hygiene Bank donation points in Boots stores across the UK.

Lucy Reynolds, Director of Communications and ESG at Boots, said: “We know that back to school can be a challenging time for many families, this year more than ever. Having access to these basic items can help young people feel more confident going back to school. Anyone can help this very important campaign by dropping off any full and unopened items to one of our 500 Hygiene Bank donation points in Boots stores across the country. I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far.”

Ruth Brock, CEO of The Hygiene Bank, said: “No child should be getting ready for the first day of term without a clean uniform or the products they need to shower and brush their teeth. Many parents are sadly finding themselves in the difficult position of choosing between buying a meal for their family, or basic hygiene necessities like soap, deodorant and period products – and income is becoming even more stretched due to the cost of living crisis.

“From our work with schools we know hygiene poverty negatively impacts children’s mental and physical well-being – from reduced participation in class and sports, to self-isolation from peers. Equally, the demand for our support in schools continues to dramatically grow from both students and their families. Our ongoing partnership with Boots means that together we can help tackle this growing issue and provide essential hygiene and personal care products to those who need them most.”

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