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Brand Profile: How Dr Maryam Zamani led the way for science-led skincare with MZ Skin

Kelle Salle
06 October 2022

Over the past few years, concerns about consumer safety have affected the reputation of the aesthetics industry but according to research, the market is actually expected to grow from 12 to 14% a year if manufacturers and providers capitalise on the underlying trends.

Following the launch of the government’s campaign to encourage the public to take aesthetic procedures seriously, consumer attitudes have started to change – a study from Professional Beauty found that 66% of millennial women are considering having an aesthetic treatment. Additionally, the collaboration between John Lewis and Cavendish Clinic proves that consumers are interested in surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Doctor-led brands tend to have a competitive advantage in the aesthetics space due to their knowledge and expertise. After completing her ophthalmology training, Dr Zamani started working with her own chemist to create her own skincare formulas. She was later inspired by her husband to try those formulations on her patients and it wasn’t long before Harrods became MZ Skin’s first retail partner in 2016.

Dr Zamani has always had a passion for skincare. As a pre-teen, her skincare routine became part of her nightly ritual to relax but it wasn’t until she was a third year medical student that she realised she wanted to specialise in aesthetics. “A student in the year above recommended Ophthalmology as a speciality and Oculoplastic Surgery as a subspeciality and I loved the idea of being an expert in a precise field. After completing two fellowships while researching the use of hyaluronic acid fillers, the depth of my knowledge increased in the realm of non-surgical procedures and aesthetics,” she says.

The MZ Skin Eye Ampoules

Dr Zamani believed that the skin was the foundation to all non-surgical and surgical procedures, so she delved further by obtaining a certificate in dermatology with the aim of supplementing treatments with lasers and other non-surgical modalities. MZ Skin was born out of a desire to create female-led, doctor-created skincare that incorporated science and the sensory ritual aspect.

“I wanted to make a precise, concise, intelligent capsule collection of scientifically backed, clinically trialled skincare that is easy to use but also has a sensory component. I don’t believe people need to use lots of different products as part of their skincare routine but rather specific, efficacious ingredients that work synergistically together,” Zamani says.

When MZ Skin first launched, the appetite for science-led skincare wasn’t as prevalent as it is now. Understanding what consumers wanted was a natural part of the process for Dr Zamani. “Women have always been interested in being their best selves. Generally, I’ve found that consumers are highly-educated – they want multifunctional, powerful formulations that do what they say."

Dr Zamani’s ethos (Reveal, Enhance, Protect) played an important part in the formulation process. Her goal was to use intelligent formulations that would maximise benefits and promote beautiful and healthy skin. The three-pillar ethos was created with beautiful, glowing skin in mind.

“Reveal involves using lovely topical acids to exfoliate the skin while Enhance focuses on topicals that are tried and tested like antioxidants and retinols as well as cutting edge ingredients such as collagen, placenta and stem cells. Protect involves using an SPF and antioxidants to prevent any further damage to the skin,” Zamani explains.

Dr Zamani acknowledges that the aesthetics industry can be complex and it can be difficult for consumers to determine which treatments are best for them. “Finding a trusted practitioner is key – recommendations, qualifications and building a good rapport are all important aspects along with transparency and education – the more consumers know, the better informed they’ll be,” she said. In September 2021, she opened a clinic on London’s Kings Road, which has been well received by her customers.

“I want everyone who uses MZ Skin to feel beautiful because they are doing something that will help them achieve beautiful skin in a process or ritual that makes them feel like their best selves.”

MZ Skin by Dr Maryam Zamani
The night regime containing Cleanse & Clarify cleanser and mask, Rest & Revive serum and Soothe & Smooth eye complex

Dr Zamani describes MZ Skin as the “ultimate low maintenance skincare regimen of powerful formulations that are clinical and produce results.” The brand’s bestsellers include Soothe and Smooth (a hyaluronic brightening eye complex), Cleanse and Clarify (a dual action AHA cleanser and mask), Brighten and Perfect (10% vitamin C corrective serum), Rest and Revive (restorative placenta and stem cell night serum) and Glow Boost Ampoules (a 5-day radiance regime).

Attention to detail is key in Dr Zamani’s medical practice and she prides herself on delivering excellent, highly specialised care to her patients in clinic with the best and newest modalities in market that have a high safety profile and efficacy. Building the team has been the most challenging part of her entrepreneurial journey. “Sometimes you don’t realise you need someone until you do. The team makes the dream and as a growing small company, this takes time,” she says.

For Dr Zamani, the personalisation of treatment will continue to be at the forefront of her work as well as improvements in treatment options with improved efficacy and safety in the hope that the industry will be better regulated internationally with clear guidelines. Dr Zamani’s advice to budding beauty entrepreneurs would be to “always do the work, get opinions, talk to people, research but feel the fear and do it anyway.”

The future of the aesthetics industry is promising, especially as consumers seek personalised skincare options. “Home treatments and specialised skincare will continue to pave the way for more at home regimens and treatments," she says.

BBL (BroadBand Light) and Moxi Laser have become excellent, new non-invasive ways to clear pigmentation, stimulate collagen production and polish skin for radiant, glowing and healthy skin while Em Sculpt Neo will become the newest and effective way to tighten and tone skin and muscle while burning fat to sculpt skin on the arms, abdomen and legs. With the normalisation of treatments, people are learning to take care of their skin, bodies, mind and wellbeing as a comprehensive lifestyle change.

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