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Brand profile: how influencer Jamie Genevieve created VIEVE

Kelle Salle
09 August 2022

According to YouGov, the global Instagram influencer market could reach $15.2 billion in 2022. In recent years, influencer marketing has become a necessity for brands as they seek to expand their reach and generate sales leads. In addition to increasing awareness, using influencer marketing as part of a social strategy enables brands to deliver content that informs and inspires audiences, something that influencers are all too familiar with, which could explain why many of the influencers we admire have decided to go it alone and launch their own brands.

Jamie Genevieve is a social media sensation who has amassed more than three million followers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. In November 2020, she launched VIEVE, a brand which she says was 'born from an innate passion for artistry and a deep understanding of the positive impact makeup can have.’ According to the brand’s CEO Emma Dawson, it was Jamie’s interactions with customers and clients while working on the counter for a luxury cosmetics brand that inspired her to launch VIEVE. “Jamie's popularity, talent and skills organically led her to start sharing her knowledge and expertise online. She was perfectly positioned to create a brand due to her inherent understanding of the needs of a customer, coupled with the ability to listen to what they want and combined with the expertise to bring it to life.”

VIEVE Skin Nova

VIEVE Skin Nova primer

Jamie’s social media presence played a key role in the formulation process. She has always wanted her loyal audience to feel that they can share their thoughts and experiences with her and as a result, she had a very clear idea of the products she wanted to launch. Listening to what her valued followers and subscribers were missing out on was essential. “VIEVE was developed in response to thousands of conversations that revealed what people really want from beauty. The Muse shades of Modern Matte Lipstick and Lip Definer were specifically created in response to the call from our customers for a bright red lip,” Dawson says.

While successfully tapping into the needs of valued followers and subscribers, the brand continued to prioritise customers when developing their social media strategy, with a heavy focus on ensuring they felt like they were part of the brand. “We want our customers to connect with us wherever they feel most comfortable on whatever channel that may be, so we will continue to grow our presence on all platforms, with TikTok becoming an increasing focus for us," Dawson says.


VIEVE Muse lipstick

Building a community has also been a key part of the brand’s success. “The VIEVEmuse community is the foundation of the brand and at the heart of everything we do,” Dawson said. Jamie has given customers the opportunity to become a VIEVEmuse. Muses will be first to know about any launches or exclusive experiences with the brand. Muses are also included in social media content as a way of showcasing the amazing looks that have been created. Jamie’s passion for the VIEVE community shines through in her offering of confidence-boosting and purposeful makeup staples that personify her style and spirit. Through community, the brand are able to encompass their core values (courage and creativity), connect like-minded souls and become a network to inspire, educate and motivate.

When building a community on social media, Dawson believes that it’s important to always let your community know that you are listening to what they have to say. She also cites responding to comments and giving the best customer service you possibly can as essentials for effective community management. “We have been overwhelmed by the continually positive feedback we get from both our existing and new customers,” Dawson said. Customers have been hooked on VIEVE since the brand’s inception, with many products selling out instantly. Some of the brand’s current bestsellers include Skin Nova, Lip Dew, Eye Wands, Modern Matte Lipstick and Full Expression Brush Set.

VIEVE Skin Dew

Although VIEVE was launched in the same month the UK went into a second national lockdown, the brand didn’t face any major pre-launch challenges. “We consider ourselves to have been very fortunate. We did have some early post-Brexit teething problems where freight/import was concerned, and like so many, are tackling supply chain issues but overall, we’ve been lucky!,” Dawson says.

As for what the future holds, VIEVE are still committed to developing products that their customers want to see. “We want our products to serve a purpose as well as those that are part of Jamie’s vision for VIEVE. This will include us expanding the product offering in makeup and also entering new categories in the beauty space,” Dawson says.

VIEVE’s community-first approach has been paramount to the brand’s success and with six billion people projected to use social media worldwide by 2027, it is highly likely that existing and emerging beauty brands will continue to focus on marketing activities that centre online communities.

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