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British beauty brand launches ground-breaking B2B zero waste packaging solution  

Gaelle Walker
12 July 2021

Sustainable skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals is to launch a new B2B zero waste packaging solution to help other independent beauty brands offer their products in refillable and zero waste formats delivered to customers’ doors within 24 hours.

Spearheaded by Neighbourhood Botanical’s founder Micaela Nisbet, the new ‘On Repeat’ fulfillment solution will offer beauty brands an affordable way to supply refills to their customers - and help alleviate the “single use packaging crisis.”

Launching later this month, the solution will enable brands to offer refills to customers via their own e-commerce stores.

Participating brands will be integrated with On Repeat’s software and supply On Repeat with bulk product.

Customer orders for refill products will be placed via the brands’ websites but fulfilled by On Repeat.

All products will be filled to order - helping to keep wastage in check and preserve product integrity.

The solution will also offer beauty brands an array of different compostable, recyclable or dissolvable zero waste formats for their refill packs – with each tailored to their individual needs and specific product formulations.

One such format is PVOH - a marine safe, zero waste film that dissolves in hot water.

All packaging has also been designed to fit through letterboxes and all orders will be received by customers within 24-hours of placing them.

On Repeat is also offering brands a subscription model to help drive brand loyalty via automatic re-ordering.

Designed to act as the “antidote” to the lack of affordable refillable solutions for the independent beauty industry, On Repeat will offer an innovative eco-conscious and zero waste refill solution for beauty brands that cared about their impact on the planet, Nisbet told

The beauty industry makes 120 billion units of plastic packaging yearly and over 90% of that isn't recycled.

On Repeat will offer an option that is easy for the consumer, easy and affordable for the brand, and with truly eco end-of-life credential, Nisbet added.

The solution will also see the Neighbourhood Botanicals brand itself become fully refillable - in addition to providing a solution for the wider industry.

“Our goal is to make sustainability easy. There is so much information on plastics and waste management out there that it can be and boggling.

"We aim to empower brands to educate customers via the R&D we do at On Repeat,” Nisbet added.

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