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BTL Aesthetics unveils latest innovation with new multifunctional device for face, body and intimate health

Sophie Smith
23 August 2023

Aesthetic and medical solutions provider BTL Aesthetics has launched a new 4-in-1 device to address face, body, and intimate health concerns with "unprecedented results".

The EXION allows medical professionals to address multiple body areas and aesthetic concerns of their patients, all with minimal discomfort and downtime.


Backed by a series of clinical trials, the device is proven to deliver results across the four key applicators, including a 224% increase in hyaluronic acid, 85% increase in skin laxity and 22% fat reduction.

It can treat over 20 different areas across the face and body, including the periorbital area, forehead, neck and décolletage, as well as arms, abdomen, thighs and the buttocks.

The applicators

The FRACTIONAL RF is the standout applicator of EXION, according to BTL Aesthetics. Its microneedling technology offers improved results for skin tightening, correction of fibrotic tissues such as scars and skin texture improvement.

The FACE applicator boosts the body’s ability to produce its own hyaluronic acid without needles. The patented technology combines monopolar RF with targeted ultrasound emitted simultaneously to induce synergistic effects in the treated tissue.

The BODY applicator offers two modes of treatment via one applicator to address lax skin and localised fat deposits.

The EMFEMME 360 offers the shortest intimate health treatment available on the market. The non-invasive radiofrequency procedure treats vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction.

Founded in 1993, BTL Aesthetics specialises in the manufacture of medical and aesthetic equipment. Its brands include EMFACE, EMSCULPT, EMSELLA, EMTONE and EXILIS ULTRA.

The new EXION 4-in-1 device will be available at select UK clinics from November, with a national roll-out from March 2024.

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