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Byoma introduces 'Skin Barrier Awareness Month' as it champions skincare education

Sophie Smith
10 May 2024

Byoma is continuing its mission to democratise and demystify skincare with a number of new initiatives as it introduces 'Skin Barrier Awareness Month' for the first time this May.

When Byoma first launched in 2022, the brand recognised the need to simplify skincare routines, taking skincare back to science while bringing skin barrier health into the mainstream.

Since then, it has captured consumer attention for its barrier-boosting formulations and unique packaging, with products often flying off the shelves and reaching viral status on social media.

However, while searches for skin barrier health have grown, Byoma believes the understanding has not. As a result, the brand wants to ensure the term does not become a buzzword and a trend co-opted by other beauty businesses to sell products.


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To address this, it is using the science of skin to help consumers of all ages achieve their best skin, spotlighting the difference between sensitive and sensitised skin with the goal of helping to restore broken skin barriers and sensitised skin globally.

Its top priority this Skin Barrier Awareness Month is to ensure social media platforms remain a resource for impactful learning.

As part of this, Byoma hopes to "lead the charge" on education, driving conversations around how skincare should be used at every age, so "everyone feels empowered with knowledge to make the best choices for their unique skin type and concerns".


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The brand is also launching several other initiatives to "supercharge its skin barrier building mission", from the opening of a Byoma clinical testing lab at its Glasgow HQ and immersive pop-up experiences throughout the UK to the introduction of a Smart Skin Scan AI Tool for personalised skin analysis.

"By putting education at the forefront and making it more accessible, affordable and approachable than ever, Byoma hopes to become the impartial, trusted authority on skincare. We want everyone to have their best skin day, every day," said Marc Elrick, Founder of Byoma and its parent Future Beauty Labs.

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