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Caroline Hirons to launch 'industry-first' app Skin Rocks

Tom Shearsmith
29 June 2022

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons has announced a move into beauty tech with the worldwide launch of the Skin Rocks app, part of her ever-expanding skincare business empire, Skin Rocks Limited.

According to the brand, the Skin Rocks app is an "industry-first" and has been created to "revolutionise how users look after their skin, from understanding the individual's skin type and finding matched product to the science, routines and everything in between".

Curated and written by real people with real knowledge, the app will be free to download and can provide information about better skin to all groups in society, regardless of age, skin tone, knowledge or income.

Further information about the app will be published on 13 July 2022.

Launched in 2021 by Hirons, Skin Rocks acts as an edit and a shortcut to making sense of skincare. Hirons is known for sharing her honest insights and products that cut straight to the result, with Skin Rocks acting an extension of that.

The business works with scientists, formulators, brand owners and clinicians to understand products on the market and make effective and science-based recommendations about products.

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