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Caroline Hirons expands Skin Rocks range with new product launches

Sophie Smith
07 March 2023

Skin Rocks, launched by skincare expert Caroline Hirons, has unveiled the second edition of its skincare line, launching a new moisturiser and treatment oil.

Hirons first launched Skin Rocks in November 2022 with two Retinoid treatment products. At the time, she revealed that the full range would cover five categories: Cleanse, Tone, Treatment, Moisturise, and Protect.

Skin Rocks

Skin Rocks Instagram Live with Caroline Hirons

Skin Rocks teased images and videos of the new products days before the official announcement. In an Instagram Live this morning, Hirons officially revealed them as 'The Moisturiser' and 'The Support Oil'.

The Moisturiser

Skin Rocks The Moisturiser

The Moisturiser has been in the making for four years and is available in both fragranced and fragrance-free variations. The product is a "daily moisturiser to give you instant hydration and help promote long-term skin health and radiance".

Suitable for all skin types, its formula combines "skin-conditioning and hydration-boosting" actives such as pro-vitamin D3 and ceramides alongside antioxidants to "bolster your skin to be the best it can be". The Moisturiser also features a whipped texture and can be used in both AM and PM routines.

The packaging is recyclable, but not yet refillable like the two Retinoid products. In the Instagram Live today, Hirons said this will be considered if there is demand.

Commenting on the moisturiser, Caroline Hirons said: "This is my go-to staple moisturiser for all year round and is suitable for all skins. Opt for fragrance-free if your skin is sensitised or if you do not like fragrance in your products. With ingredients such as pro-vitamin D3, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and squalane, this deeply hydrates whilst the whipped texture feels lightweight on the skin."

The Support Oil

Skin Rocks The Support Oil

The Support Oil develops the brand's treatment category and is designed for "all skins that need extra support and care". The product is a "rescue-in-a-bottle to help support a healthy skin barrier and instantly calm your complexion".

It is powered by lipid-rich botanical actives and oils and focuses on "instant calming whilst helping to reduce moisture loss and the appearance of redness". Over time, the oil helps to "support skin suppleness and maintain long-term skin barrier function".

Commenting on the facial oil, Caroline Hirons said: "I literally call this a fire extinguisher for the skin. If you have sensitised, uncomfortable or dehydrated skin, this nourishing, gentle oil is for you. Containing jojoba, macadamia and sunflower oils blended in a 100% plant-derived pure squalane-based formula, your skin will feel calm, hydrated and plump after use."

Skin Rocks now stocks five products, with more promised for the future. During this morning's Instagram Live, Hirons revealed that a "cleanser is close".

Last summer, the brand moved into beauty tech with the worldwide launch of the Skin Rocks app. Curated and written by "real people with real knowledge", the app is free to download and provides information about better skin.

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