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Caroline Hirons unveils her skincare line starting with two Retinoid products

Lauretta Roberts
08 November 2022

Skincare expert Caroline Hirons has unveiled her highly anticipated skincare line, Skin Rocks, launching first with two Retinoid treatment products.

Hirons revealed the products that have been three years in development live on Instagram this morning. The full range will cover five categories 1) Cleanse 2) Tone 3) Treatment 4) Moisturise and 5) Protect.

The Retinoid 1 and Retinoid 2 products fall into the Treatment category and Hirons explained that project has been self-funded hence she is launching with one category at a time.

"I wanted to do it my way, I wanted to fund it myself. I didn’t want any investors," Hirons explained, showing a note she had created for herself in 2013 outlining her initial vision for her brand.

"Yes, it's been a long time coming," she said. "But I didn't want to do a licensing deal, I didn't want to to do a JV. I wanted to do it myself, warts and all!"

All of the products are made in the UK, cruelty free and have been clinically tested. Hirons described the approach to development as "formula first".

"I didn't go to my chemists and say 'I need this to be £2', I'd say 'I need you to make this the best product you can in this category', and they would say 'what's the budget?' And I would say 'There isn't one'," Hirons explained.

Caroline Hirons

Retinoid 1 contains 0.2% HPR (hydroxypinacolone retinoate) and is priced at £65. It is described as a 'beginner' product aimed at those who have not used Retinoids before or who have had issues with sensitivity. The formula also contrains retinoid 'boosters' such as  bakuchiol and soybean extract, as well as squalane and vitamin E.

Retinoid 2 contains 0.55% HPR and is priced at £75. As well as the ingredients in Retinoid 1, it also contains Retinal (0.05%). This is described as an 'intermediate' product and is for those used to using Retinoids.

A Retinoid 3 is due for release next year but was delayed as Hirons said testers were getting better results from Retinoid 2. Explaining her decision to launch with retinoid products, Hirons said: "I wanted to go slightly differently and work in the opposite way to the way people have been going in the past few years. People have been going higher and higher on the percentages and I wanted to produce product for people who haven't been able to used Retinoids."

The products are packaged in refillable and recyclable glass bottles with information on how much product to used detailed on the cap. Refills are not yet available but are promised soon.

Hirons has not put her name on the products and, unusually, the brand name is on the back to leave space on the front of the packaging to show what the product is. Also detailed on the packaging is information on whether you do or do not need to use the product.

"I tell you on the box ‘you will need this or you don’t need this’. If this product is not suitable for you, I will tell you and we will recommend products from other brands," she said. "My name is not to be found because it ain't about me."

The Treatment products are unfragranced but Hirons said that the 'bookend' products (i.e. cleansers and moisturisers) will come in fragranced and unfragranced products.

One of the best known and respected skincare experts on social media, Hirons said she would remain impartial and would only recommend her products when they were right for the user. She said she would continue to recommend other brands' products where she felt them to be better suited.

"This is a brand that is launching on the back of sales of other brands and I will never forget that," she said.

No timeline was given for the release of further categories and Hirons said products would only be released when she felt her offering stood up against competitors on the market.

The Retinoid products are available from today at 

The range will also be available with exclusive retail partner SpaceNK from 29 November.

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