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Centre:mk study reveals beauty sector boom as women seek pampering

Tom Shearsmith
17 August 2020

57% of women now think it's important to take time out for self-care, according to a recent study commissioned by centre:mk, one of the UK’s top 10 shopping centres.

The study concludes that during a typical week, women spend 76 minutes on ‘me time’, including going for walks, practising yoga and retail therapy. Following time out and beauty treatments, 47% of women polled feel relaxed, while 24% are revitalised.

Other treatments women would get regularly as part of their self-care regime include eyebrow threading, pedicures and waxing. Such appointments give 39% a confidence boost, whilst 27% book them in order to feel pampered, 12% to de-stress and over a third of women look forward to a beauty appointment to treat themselves.

While 44% of women said they get excited for regular self-care treatments, 29% reported that they have appreciated them more in recent months.

Kim Priest, Head of Marketing at centre:mk, said: "It is clear from the research that women are eager to take time out for self-care in order to boost their mental and physical wellbeing.

"Beauty is a quick fix for making women feel good, however the research has also revealed that walking, yoga, exercise, meditation, retail therapy and good sleep are amongst many other self-care activities undertaken to boost well-being. The demand for self-care will only intensify."

Suzy Reading, chartered psychologist and author of The Self-Care Revolution, added: “While self-care is not limited to pampering acts, beauty rituals have their place. There are simple rituals and products that we can engage in at home without great expense, and there are also practices that we leave to professionals in order to achieve the desired effect.”

Over 120 stores have now re-opened at centre:mk, including self-care favourites; Boots, John Lewis and Lush.

Last month at centre:mk, Dune London opened its latest store, and its first new store to open post-lockdown.

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