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Charlotte Tilbury invites Londoners to step into ‘the future of fragrance’ with new pop-up

Chloe Burney
26 April 2024

Charlotte Tilbury is not only a world-leading makeup artist, brand founder and entrepreneur, but she now takes the form of a Willy Wonker-type figure, inviting customers to a magical realm of olfactory experiences at an immersive pop-up hosted in London’s Shoreditch.

To celebrate the brand’s first foray into fragrances, which launch 30 April, shoppers are invited to discover the new innovative scents from 10-19 May.

Created in partnership with master perfumers and neuroscience experts at IFF, the fragrance collection was designed to evoke a range of emotions, including feelings of joy and calm.

How did the brand do this? By harnessing, processing and analysing data from tens of thousands of consumers across the world, IFF scientifically measured the way thousands of fragrance notes impacted different people, discovering how they shape our emotions.

An IFF proprietary algorithm was then developed to identify a range of emotions that could be targeted through scent combinations or fragrance accords.

When the pop-up's visitors step into the magical portal – a kaleidoscopic archway - they will be transported to six multi-sensory worlds, each representing a different emotion evoked by the fragrances - Love, Happiness, Seduction, Energy, Serenity and Empowerment.

Charlotte Tilbury MBE said: "My Darlings, what if I told you you're about to embark on the most ground-breaking, revolutionary, incredible fragrance journey of your life?

"These fragrances are like portals to emotions and other worlds, so you will feel however you want to feel, and be whoever you want to be, empowering you through the magic of scent! The last ingredient is you! So how do you want to feel today?"

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