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Clinique launches first NFC-enabled packaging for skincare

Sophie Smith
14 April 2022

Clinique has launched a new NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip enabled package for its limited-edition Moisture Surge 100H, hoping to drive conversion at point-of-sale while offering consumers a unique post-purchase engagement at home.

Users can tap the NFC icon on the bottom of the jar with their phone to access the following features:

  • Under the Daily Dehydrator Index, consumers will be asked personalised questions and given tips on how to improve their skin.
  • Exclusive content can be accessed, including local content from Dr. Emma Wedgeworth, Clinique Derm Pro, beauty influencers and Clinique consultants.
  • Coupons are available through the experience for Boots shoppers.
  • Stickers can be used to customise images before sharing on social media.
  • External services can also be accessed from the home page such as live chat and product reviews.

Clinique has also announced the launch of the latest edition of its virtual skin diagnostic tool, Clinical Reality, which now includes the technology to recognise and help identify skin dehydration concerns.

The technology utilises an algorithm which detects multiple factors with a focus on micro-textures, skin surface topography and redness. The new version of Clinical Reality now addresses eight different skin concerns, with dehydration being the latest.

In development for the past two and a half years, the technology has been assessed by Clinique’s Research & Development team and backed by scientific analysis. It provides a diagnostic of skin dehydration using everyday mobile cameras via photography, without requiring advanced cameras or direct contact with skin.

Carolyn Dawkins, SVP of Clinique Global Online, Consumer Engagement & Product Marketing, said: “Through the latest edition of Clinical Reality, Clinique continues its commitment to addressing a range of skincare concerns by providing innovative, personalised solutions to consumers at their fingertips. We recognised the growing concern around dehydration from consumers and dermatologists, which led us to develop the technology to help assess this rising concern, further enabling us in our mission as a brand to be in service of all skin."

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