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Colorsmith launches in the UK offering custom, at-home colour for men

Lauretta Roberts
07 May 2021

Colorsmith, first launched in the US in June 2020, has made its debut in the UK offering men "custom, personalised and effortless" at-home hair colour, which allows them to control grey coverage according to their own preferences.

Developed by the team behind women's service eSalon, Colorsmith has been developed by colourists at the brand's London headquarters and is never premixed or premade. Every order comes with custom colour, personalised, easy-to-follow instructions, colouring tools and access to colourists who can help at every step.

Men can buy a one-off custom box for £24 or sign up for autoshipped deliveries on a set schedule for £19 per box. This allows men to change their colour gradually over time if they prefer.

To get started men are asked to complete a simple questionnaire on the Colorsmith website after which the custom colour is created. Along with the custom formula each order contains personalised instructions, two pairs of non-latex gloves, an application tool, shampoo and conditioner packets, as well as stain guard and stain remover.

Powered by patented colour-mixing technology, the hair colour formula contains high quality of ingredients including Vitamin E, Keratin and Soybean Protein, and is free from ammonia. 

"As the global demand for customisation and convenience continues to grow, we're thrilled to broaden Colorsmith's footprint to the UK and help demystify the hair colour process so that every man can colour their hair with ease and confidence," said Graham Jones, CEO of Colorsmith. "Every facet of Colorsmith was thoughtfully designed to give men a completely customised experience from start to finish."

In a recent study conducted by the brand in the UK, 1 in 5 men who colour their hair do so every four to six weeks. Over 72% of men who dye their hair do so at home, either themselves or with help from a family member or friend. However, the study concluded that over 40% of men who dye their hair have not been completely satisfied with their current hair dye and decided to stop using their product.

"Historically men have only had two options to colour their hair: one-size-fits-all boxed hair dye or frequent visits to the salon. Colorsmith provides a solution to common hair colour issues among men with a custom colour that yields natural-looking results," added Jones.

Colorsmith's products can also be used on beards or moustaches with men advised to do a patch test first but it is not advised for use on eyebrows or lashes.


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