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Customer demand fuels Glow For It's expansion into haircare

Sophie Smith
16 May 2024

Glow For It, the beauty brand famous for its viral Lash Growth Serum, has expanded into haircare for the first time with a new Hair Growth Serum, developed after two years in the making.

Described as a water-based formula that is ideal for all hair types and textures, including beards, the new serum promises to support the natural hair growth cycle and promote healthy hair growth.

The formulation includes caffeine to help stimulate the scalp and hair follicles and prolong the active growth phase whilst making hair look thicker and fuller, as well as panthenol to reduce hair breakage and clover flower extract to reduce hair loss.

Amongst other ingredients, it also features zinc PCA to regulate sebum production, which is said to help maintain a healthy scalp and combat dandruff while keeping the scalp hydrated.

Marking the brand's most highly requested product to date, the new serum launches on the back of customer demand as more and more people strive to take better care of their hair and scalp.

It comes as the 'skinification' of hair trend continues to grow, with consumers looking to treat hair with the same care as skin.

Daisy Kelly, Founder of Glow For It, told "Honestly, the reason we are launching a Hair Growth Serum is all because of our customers! Since I first launched our Lash Growth Serum in 2020, we have had customers requesting an equivalent for hair growth. So much so that we even had customers using our Brow Growth Serum on their hairline (and it WORKED!).

"I knew we had a keen and engaged community who were searching for this product. But, I also knew that this product needed to offer something unique to stand out in this already competitive space. I spent over two years perfecting this formula so that our customers could experience the same level of efficacy and results as our best-selling and award-winning Lash Growth Serum.

"Glow For It has always been a community led brand - all the products we develop have been requested by our community as they trust our brand and products, and therefore want us to expand our range. As a female founder, I dreamed of one day launching products of this quality and I feel so proud to be launching this Hair Growth Serum."

@glowforitshopOur Hair Growth Serum has been 2 years in the making and we are SO excited for you to get your hands on it🤩 THURSDAY 6 PM🚨♬ Killswitch Lullaby - Flawed Mangoes

Founded in 2020, Glow For It quickly captured consumer attention with its best-selling Lash Growth Serum, which promises transformative results in just 14 days.

The brand, which also stocks a mascara, lip oil and blush stick, has been targeting a more ethical and sustainable approach this year, with both its lash serum and new hair serum said to be manufactured in the UK by a B-Corp manufacturer.

Through working alongside a B-Corp business, Glow For It added that is able to lower its carbon footprint whilst creating more sustainable and ethically sourced beauty products.

Priced at £34.99 for 60ml, the new Hair Growth Serum is available online at Glow For It.

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