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Cult Beauty innovates menopause support and calls on MPs and retailers to drive change

Gaelle Walker
14 October 2021

Cult Beauty co-founder & co-CEO Alexia Inge has written an open letter to the government calling on MPs to ‘Join The Menopause Revolution’ and help to change the way that society views and treats the menopause.

The online beauty retailer, which has recently implemented a number of internal changes to better support those experiencing the different stages of menopause, is also urging other retailers to join it in innovating their policies.

Cult Beauty itself has created a new ‘Menopause Policy’ in a bid to help drive change and “amplify the conversation” around menopause.

It is also training its Cult Concierge team to better understand menopause symptoms, so that they can give more informed support to customers from a beauty and wellbeing perspective.

The etailer now also offers a vast range of  Menopause support products including "game-changing skin care ranges" to hormone-regulating supplements and menosupport balms and lubricants.

In a post on Instagram, Inge said: “Menopause affects 51% of the population, ¾ of those people have uncomfortable symptoms, ¼ have severe symptoms and 1 in 10 women end up leaving the workplace because of unsupported menopause issues.”

“Most GPs are not adequately trained in the menopause, most private insurance policies don’t even cover the menopause and most workplaces don’t have a menopause policy. Taking the social care responsibility out of the equation, this is simply bad maths!

“This open letter is also about registering what we are doing as a company in the hope that it inspires others to do the same.

“Cult Beauty didn’t have a menopause policy and this summer we created one, and while we were there we updated our maternity, IVF and miscarriage policy to ensure we are supporting our female, (and some trans or non-binary) employees through their reproductive lifecycles.”

The open letter calls on MPs to support the cross party backed Menopause (Support & Services) Bill that is due to have its second reading in the House of Commons on 29 October.

To reach the milestone, 100 MPs must support the bill on the 29th.

The Bill has the power to provide access to support services for those experiencing the different stages of the menopause, including the exemption of HRT from NHS prescription charges.

“In supporting this critical campaign, Cult Beauty along with the Menopause APPG aims to trigger a shift in the way society supports women, non-binary and trans people through this time, not just medically and emotionally but at work and home too – and influence other businesses to innovate their policies,” Inge added.

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