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Data reveals Ariana Grande’s Cloud Intense is the UK’s favourite celebrity perfume

Chloe Burney
17 May 2023

New research has revealed the UK’s most popular celebrity-endorsed fragrances, with Ariana Grande’s Cloud Intense taking the spot as number one.

Perfume samples specialists Parfumery examined Google search data, analysing how many searches celebrity perfumes received on average, per month over the past year.

When we think of iconic celebrity fragrances, Britney Spears' Fantasy or Paris Hilton's Pink Rush are among the first that come to mind. However, the new data revealed that Ariana Grande is the front-runner in the realm of celebrity perfumes.

Global searches for Ariana Grande’s perfumes receive an average of 27,204 searches per month overall. Her most popular perfume, Cloud Intense receives an average of 18,883 searches per month.

Beyoncé is the UK's second favourite, receiving an average of 4,495 searches per month. Beyoncé's most popular perfume is Heat Kissed, which receives an average of 4,041 searches per month in the UK.

Rihanna is the third most popular with searches for all of her scents receiving 2,200 searches per month in the UK. Rihanna’s most popular perfume is Fenty Parfum which receives 1,215 searches per month. Other popular perfumes produced by Rihanna are Rouge Love, Crush and Kiss.

These celebrities are followed by Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Nicki Minage, Antonio Banderas, Salvador Dalí and Taylor Swift.

An olfactory expert from Parfumery commented: "Celebrities with large fanbases, such as Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, are incredibly popular for bringing out merchandise and finding the best ways to connect with fans across the globe, and fragrances are one of the most connective and trendy ways to do so.

"Brits have been extremely supportive of celebrity perfumes which seemed to skyrocket during the mid-noughties. As scent is such an intimate and personal part of our lives, many can be picky about which fragrances to choose from, which is another reason why Brits may be more inclined to purchase one made and worn by one of their favourite celebrities."

This follows the news that Ariana Grande reached a deal to buy assets tied to her r.e.m. beauty brand from Forma Brands, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January.

The agreement to purchase r.e.m. beauty's physical assets from Forma Brands, which includes all existing inventory, is estimated at $15 million, according to Bloomberg.

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