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Davinia Taylor expands Willpowders range with Nootropic Brain Powder and Halal Collagen

Lauretta Roberts
07 August 2023

Wellness entrepreneur Davinia Taylor has expanded her Willpowders range of nutrition supplements with the Nootropic Brain Powder and a Halal version of the bovine collagen.

The Nootropic product, which has been launched with a high-octane campaign to promote its energy-enhancing properties, contains L-theanine to help improve mental focus and clarity.

Recommended for those who need to improve focus on exams, projects or even household tasks, Nootropic contains zero carbs and zero sugar, therefore generating zero insulin spike, and is also suitable for fasting.

The introduction of the Halal collagen came about after a chance meeting Taylor had with the founder of a cryotherapy clinic and has been introduced to reach a wider audience.

Davinia Taylor

Davinia Taylor launches Nootropic

“It was a chance meeting with Nargis Malik who runs a Cryotherapy clinic near my home in Lancashire whilst I was training for the Manchester Marathon," explained Taylor.

"We got talking about how my WillPowders collagen manufactured in Switzerland was not halal and it raised the question about the suitability of WillPowders collagen for a halal diet.”

In common with the original WillPowders Swiss collagen, the new Halal version comes from grass-fed cattle and is fully compliant to the highest certified standards, packaged in a halal compliant facility and is suitable for the whole family.

Taylor launched her Willpowders range in 2021 having overcome depression and addictions while shedding three stones through a combination of diet, exercise and the use of nutritional supplements.

Other products in the range include MCT oil and keto powder, hormone balance supplements and vitamin supplements. Since embarking on her wellness journey, Taylor has written two best-selling books and amassed a huge social media following including 1 million Instagram followers. 

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