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Debenhams unveils multi-generational campaign as it encourages consumers to 'redefine their beauty routines'

Sophie Smith
25 April 2024

Digital department store Debenhams has launched a new campaign designed to celebrate beauty that transcends age.

The new campaign called 'Generation Beauty' brings together models and influencers from different generations to promote a message of inclusivity, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

Through both online and social media content, it showcases a range of beauty products and styles to "disrupt the traditional beauty narrative and encourage consumers to redefine their beauty routines based on personal identity rather than age or generation".

The campaign hopes to achieve this by tapping into the experience of industry-leading experts across makeup, skincare, and haircare.

Bryony Blake (left) , Natalie Steinborn (middle) and Ricky Walters (right)

The expert line-up includes celebrity makeup artist and presenter Bryony Blake, hair specialist and entrepreneur Ricky Walters, and skincare expert and advocate for mature skin Natalie Steinborn.

Through the collective expertise of these industry experts, 'Generation Beauty' sets a new standard for beauty campaigns at Debenhams while encouraging individuals across all generations to embrace their beauty with "confidence and authenticity".

As part of the campaign, the trio has curated a selection of beauty products available online to support and nourish each age group.

This includes products from Clarins, YSL, Estee Lauder, Bastille, Wayne Goss Beauty, SALON64, Benefit Cosmetics, Sweed, NYX Professional Makeup, BREAD, Lancome and Murad.

Dan Finley, CEO at Debenhams, said: "As part of the digital transformation journey at Debenhams, Generation Beauty heralds a new era of inclusivity, designed to resonate with women who have visited our beauty halls and now engage with us online.

"From the curated selection of brands to the empowering messaging, our campaign is tailored to address the diverse needs of all generations, shifting the focus from chasing the younger consumer to embracing a universal approach to beauty.

"At Debenhams, we believe that beauty knows no age limits. Our goal is to create a personal and authentic experience for our customers, regardless of their generation."

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