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Deciem launches renewable energy initiatives for employees

Sophie Smith
18 July 2022

Deciem, owner of The Ordinary, is boosting its commitment to sustainability by introducing renewable energy initiatives for its employees.

The Estee Lauder Companies-owned brand has recognised that the majority of its workforce have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, where renewable energy sources aren’t the primary source.

To offset the carbon emissions for its employees, Deciem has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates to inject the grid with the equivalent amount of renewable power used since it closed its offices in March 2020.

Emphasised by Deciem, the brand believes that its sustainable strategy should come from changes to internal practices and the evolution of innovative practices to reduce emissions.

Supporting this, Deciem's Climate Change strategy doesn't solely rely on offsetting its carbon emissions but implementing practices to minimise emissions through company efficiency and using renewable energy direct from the source.

In addition to its employee initiative, Deciem has also worked to ensure its ecommerce shipments are carbon neutral, meaning the greenhouse gas emissions from the delivery of anything bought online through the Deciem website are “neutralized” using carbon offsets.

Jackie Kankam, Senior Director of Sustainability & Social Impact at Deciem said: “Our goal is to strengthen our commitment to the Earth by expanding our renewable energy use and bringing our Deciem family on our climate change mitigation journey. Using renewable energy and renewable energy credits, is an important step to ensure we are relying less and less on traditional energy sources and hugging the Earth a little tighter."

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