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DECIEM seeks to clean up chemical misconceptions with new campaign

Gaelle Walker
22 June 2021

Beauty company DECIEM has launched a new campaign designed to help consumers understand chemicals, so that they're no longer deemed as 'bad' or 'dangerous' when it comes to skincare.

The ‘Everything is Chemicals’ campaign will see DECIEM launch a series of educational content to help explain how chemicals are part of everyday life, in a bid to ease the confusion that consumers currently have around 'clean beauty' and re-build trust in skincare science.

“In the language of Chemistry, a chemical is any substance with a definite composition. For example, a simple combination of one atom of oxygen (O) and two atoms of hydrogen (H) gives us H2O, the chemical formula of water. In this context, water is a chemical,” DECIEM said.

“We hope that by sharing these examples, consumers will begin to understand how everything really is a chemical.”

The current “unclear” definition of “clean beauty” was encouraging marketing to lead over very clear science, DECIEM said.

“As we all move towards a more transparent future, it’s important that we continue to question the ways in which the beauty industry communicates," it added.

Watch the first of DECIEM’s new videos here


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