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Dermalogica appoints new Education Director

Sophie Smith
17 August 2022

Skincare brand Dermalogica has announced the appointment of Angela Taylor as its new Education Director for the UK and Ireland.

Starting her career at Dermalogica as a Corporate Trainer, Taylor has worked at the company for 21 years. Prior to her latest promotion, she served as International Head of Regional Education EMEA.

In this new role, Taylor is responsible for evaluating channels of education and delivery, supporting marketing and sales initiatives, leading evolution of education both digitally and physically. Along with maintaining engagement among the company's skin therapist community through workshops, events and networking.

Mark Hermann, General Manager at Dermalogica, said: “Angela is a strong leader who has been fully responsible for creating the strategy and direction for all international education over the last three years, so I cannot wait for her to bring all of this to the UK and Ireland.

"Angela is extremely passionate about the brand and how we can continue to thrive with new innovative ideas. She strongly believes that education is the thread that connects all aspects of our business and it is our strongest tool for success, so I am excited to see this new era of education under her leadership.”

Angela Taylor, newly appointed Education Director at Dermalogica, said: “My passion has always been education, since I started my career as a professional skin therapist I have always believed that education is an incredibly powerful tool, giving us opportunity, building business success, creating connections and keeps us passionate and motivated.

"I am very excited to be moving into the role as Education Director for the UK and Ireland and working alongside an amazing team, innovating and evolving education for future success.  I can’t wait to connect with all of the incredibly passionate skin therapists at the heart of our business.”

Dermalogica offers professional-grade skincare education, products and services. The brand is sold in over 100 countries worldwide and trains over 100,000 professionals per year around the world.

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