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Dermalogica launches industry-wide training to support mental health in challenging times

Gaelle Walker
17 November 2020

Skincare brand Dermalogica is introducing a new industry-wide training course to help industry professionals better support their clients’ emotional needs in the current tough times.

Launching this week, the new course will fill an educational gap in the industry by equipping professionals with the tools they need to navigate the more emotional and challenging conversations that are currently taking place between salon professionals and their clients, Dermalogica said.

It would also help to develop more meaningful client connections in the process, it added.

“Service professionals often experience a common phenomenon: a client arrives for their appointment and immediately begins sharing stories and experiences from their personal lives,” Dermalogica said.

“This interaction typically leads to a good chat, a good laugh, and – particularly during this last difficult year – sometimes a good cry. This confirms what service professionals already know: they play an important role in peoples’ wellness.  

“In the midst of a global pandemic, that role has taken on even greater significance. The world needs more empathy, gratitude and compassion – and clients often need emotional support.”

The new Meaningful Connections Certification will focus on eight guiding principles to better support clients and foster more meaningful connections during the pandemic and beyond.

Using resources from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California Berkeley, the course covers a number of key topics including: how to improve listening skills for enhanced communication during vulnerable conversations, guidance and tips on body language to better tune in to non-verbal cues, even when clients are wearing masks and breathing exercises, among others.

Dermalogica head of global education Tabby Zamani said: “As the leader in skincare education, one of our core values is human touch.

“The world has shifted: mental health has taken on more significance than ever before and the power of human touch is more precious than ever.”

“It’s no longer enough for brands to simply teach product knowledge and customer service.

“There’s a real need to elevate our own expertise, and to provide industry professionals with the tools to strengthen their emotional intelligence and cultivate lasting relationships.

The course will launch on 19 November.

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