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Dermalogica supports therapists with new training and digital programmes

Gaelle Walker
07 April 2021

Dermalogica is rolling out a new training and digital partner programme to help skincare therapists boost their profitability and offer more superior salon and digital experiences.

The new ‘Clear' customer experience programme has been designed to drive customer use of Dermalogica in-home regimens alongside their salon treatments - and help skincare therapists set themselves apart from the competition with "elevated customer experiences."

By focusing on the five key points of: Connection, Learning, Experience, Advice and Re-connecting, the 'Clear' programme has also been designed to create deeper emotional bonds between therapists and their clients, Dermalogica said.

Dermalogica education director Sally Penfold added: “We are very aware that there are a number of incredible standout moments in a Dermalogica experience and there are things that are really unique to Dermalogica as a brand but we hadn’t ever really defined what that customer journey looked like in order to provide even greater consistency.

“Obviously we have our own locations but we also have over 5,500 accounts across the UK who are using Dermalogica in their businesses so for them we wanted to be able to provide them with new skills training to help them re-invent their customer experience.

“In recent years we have seen a real transition from a transactional service towards something far more experiential and as we come out of lockdown we truly believe that customers will increasingly demand that their experiences are worth their time as well as their money.”

Dermalogica is also supporting the launch of the 'Clear' scheme with a new Digital Partner Programme to help skincare therapists make more of their online offers.

Therapists who sign up to the programme will have access to a unique sales link through which their customers can buy into the Dermalogica range, a business portal where they can track what their customers are buying and when, free next day delivery for customers and no packaging or postage costs.

Therapists will also benefit from 30% commission on every product sold and commission on repeat purchases.

The scheme also allows therapists to reduce their stockholding and overheads.

Commenting on the launch of the new Digital Partner Programme, Dermalogica sales director Louise Lupton said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has been a real catalyst for digital fluency and consumers are now connecting with brands and experiences in entirely new ways.

"Many skincare therapists who never had a digital presence prior to the virus now have websites, social media channels and online shops, but it’s not easy, which is why we have invested in the launch of this new scheme which is both mutually beneficial to both skincare therapists and consumers.

"Yes, salons will be re-opening in England on 12 April but ultimately I think that this new digital focus isn’t going away, shopping habits have changes and we need to support that.”

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