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Dr Pimple Popper brings SLMD skincare range to UK

Gaelle Walker
28 May 2021

Celebrity dermatologist Sandra Lee MD, also known as “Dr Pimple Popper,” is bringing her hit US SLMD Skincare brand to UK shores, as she seeks to further her mission of “democratising dermatology.”

Lee, who is watched by millions online and on her TLC TV show Dr Pimple Popper, launched the SLMD brand in the US in 2017, with the aim of “bridging the gap between a doctor’s visit and a trip down the skincare aisle," and making dermatology "accessible to all."

Products are backed by extensive education about specific skin concerns and how to treat them, both on pack, online and via the brand’s social media.

The UK range will initially launch with a curated range of products focused around blemish control, signs of ageing and dry skin, all of which have been designed to address “real skin conditions in the way a doctor would."

Speaking exclusively to, Lee said: “Not everyone can slide into the patient’s chair, but they can absolutely benefit from a doctor’s knowledge, care, and expertise and that’s where SLMD Skincare comes in.”

“The SLMD product range melds very well with our social media and our TV show, we’ve been educating them via all these different channels so now people are much better when it comes to understanding things like the stages of acne, or what Keratosis pilaris is, so, it really makes sense to launch this now, especially as a lot of people can’t just see a dermatologist whenever they’d like.

“People are trying to treat their skin issues themselves and our brand explains to them very clearly, not just what products will work for them, but why they work, and that’s really the key.

“That knowledge and understanding not only increases their compliance, because they are more likely to do something if they understand why they are doing it, but also, when they get great results, they are especially proud of what they have achieved – they truly feel that they have taken control of their situation and helped to improve it," Lee added.

The SLMD range will officially launch in the UK on 14 June and will be available exclusively online.

It will include eight stand-out products, with prices varying between £26 for the SLMD Skincare Salicylic Acid Cleanser, and £95 for the 60-day SLMD Skincare Deluxe Blemish-Prone Skin Bundle.

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