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Duolab partners with Revieve to deliver personalised skincare

Sophie Smith
08 June 2022

Duolab, a start-up brand developed by the L'Occitane Group, has launched an online skin diagnosis tool with personalised digital experience company Revieve.

Duolab offers technology to create personalised, single dose moisturisers and serums. With “mix & match” capsule combinations, the brand can create up to 20 different formulas with active ingredients. 

As part of its newly designed and upgraded website, Duolab has partnered with Revieve to offer a personalised digital skin analysis to help consumers find the correct product formulations for their needs.

The partnership connects Duolab with Revieve's AI Skincare Advisor, which uses Revieve's proprietary computer vision technology that has over 120 skin metrics to provide users with an "in-depth" analysis of their skin.

First-time customers can begin with an online skin diagnosis on Duolab's website. Users can answer questions about their skin concerns and personal needs, input their geographical location and upload a selfie image. After analysis, the tool recommends a tailored ‘prescription’ of capsule combinations to target the customer's needs.

Later this year, Duolab plans to add a Skin Coach module to help consumers track their progress over time and tweak their routines as needed.


Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revieve, said: "Personalised and customised skincare is no longer just an option for customers; it's the norm. We are honoured to partner with Duolab to create inclusive and intimate customer experiences and guide users towards achieving their skincare goals by helping them become experts on their skin.”

Alain Harfouche, Managing Director of Duolab, added: “Adapting and tailoring a flexible skincare routine for each individual person is what Duolab is all about. Of course, the most important first step is to identify the customer’s personal needs. By working with Revieve we are able to combine consumers’ own observations with smart AI technology that analyses multiple aspects of their skin and recommends a tailored ‘prescription’ to deliver on their needs.”

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