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EcoTools introduces world's first 100% biodegradable makeup sponge

Tom Shearsmith
12 February 2021

Sustainable beauty tools business EcoTools has introduced the world's first 100% biodegradable makeup sponge, made using just five earth-friendly ingredients.

Brought to market after years of research and technology development, the BioBlender collection of makeup and cleansing sponges are made up of a sustainable biodegradable foam material.

The blender will degrade within 180 days, or just 6 months, in a compost environment compared to typical makeup blenders which will sit in a landfill for a lifetime.

Dr. John Nanos, a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry, collaborated with EcoTools for five years to develop and refine the first-to-market formulation for use in the beauty space.

Next month, BioBlender makeup sponges should be certified by Din Certco, the global governing agency that authenticates the biodegradability of consumer goods. It is anticipated that Din Certco will specifically certify BioBlender to be biodegradable in a home compost environment.

Niki Rybacek, Product Innovation Manager for EcoTools, said: "Traditional makeup sponges are a leading cause in adding to unnecessary waste, and as a leader in sustainable beauty, we saw an opportunity in the market to address this.

"The consumer is looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and expects brands and retailers to do the same. We're excited to answer that with BioBlender and continue our mission to create high-quality, planet-friendly beauty and self-care products attainable by all."

In addition to reducing single-use plastic waste, the biodegradable makeup blending sponge is also high performance. The shape is patented, with three unique edges for applying to all angles of the face, which creates a flawless application.

BioBlender by EcoTools is available online and at retailers globally, including Walmart and Ulta in the US, Amazon in the UK and further stockists to be announced.

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