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Editors' Picks: New launches from Chantecaille, Charlotte Tilbury, Skinny Tan and more... Team
26 January 2024

From Charlotte Tilbury's new lipsticks to Gisou's honey-infused hair perfume, and more, here are the top beauty launch picks of the week from team. 

Charlotte Tilbury

Hollywood Icon Lipsticks, Charlotte Tilbury

Three, two, one... action! Charlotte Tilbury has launched a collection of 10 new Hollywood Icon Lipsticks, capitalising on the growing demand and success for her eponymous makeup brand.

Having teased the collection on Instagram in typical Tilbury style, the Hollywood Icon Lipsticks were fully revealed earlier this week, boasting five satin-shine pinks and five modern-matte reds. From Red Carpet Pink and Icon Baby to Cinematic Red and Fame Flame, the new lipsticks were created following 18 months of shade development and are also complimented by five new liners.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer.


Honey Infused Hair Perfume in Wild Rose, Gisou

Gisou has been a TikTok sensation and, while it feels like a relative newcomer to the beauty space, it's a brand with a long heritage. Founder Negin Mirsalehi comes from a long line of bee keepers and it was her mother who first harnessed the power of honey to create a nourishing hair oil in the 90s. Mirsalehi then combined this family know-how with her social media savvy to create the Gisou brand in 2013.

Since then it has been a viral hit and the brand has expanded to include a range of oils, shampoos, conditioners and a pair of hair fragrances. The newest edition to the line-up is Wild Rose, which has a bold and romantic scent. The original Honey Infused Hair Perfume is more playful, fresh and feminine.

Both are infused with the Mirsalehi honey, a natural humectant that maintains the hair's natural moisture balance, along with nourishing argan oil, for hydrated, smooth and luminous locks with a silky shine, so you not only get a beautiful fragrance but a great treatment at the same time. Available at Gisou stockists, including Sephora, for £34.

Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief.

Clear Self-Tanning Mousse in Ultimate Dark, Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan has launched its darkest tan to date, the Clear Self-Tanning Mousse in Ultimate Dark, which retails for £24.99.

Not only does it achieve a deep dark tan, but the formula is also enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and aloe vera to ensure the skin stays hydrated and tans last longer. What's more, this latest launch can be washed off in as little as an hour for a result that’s fully customisable.

With a scent of pink grapefruit that lingers on the skin, it certainly trumps the classic 'biscuit' tan scent.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.

The Sea Turtles Collection, Chantecaille

Since its launch over 20 years ago, Chantecaille has supported endangered species around the world with limited-edition makeup collections. From coral reefs and gorillas to elephants and wild horses, the brand's latest launch spotlights sea turtles.

The new collection features two sand and sea-inspired eyeshadow trios and four hydrating glossy lipsticks, now available at Space NK from £45 to £66. It supports Amazon Conservation and its Ancestral Tides initiative, which is said to "unite indigenous communities to protect turtles and their coastal marine ecosystems". Plus, the packaging is cute, with green, blue, and gold tones complemented by sea turtle designs.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer.


Milky Toner, Thayers

It's been dubbed "America's favourite toner" and now Thayers (which was first launched in 1847) has launched a new version to win over even more fans. In the winter months with the biting cold and strong winds, I've felt the need to adapt my skincare regime and one of the areas that needed adjusting was the toning step. This Milky Toner is the perfect solution, containing snow mushroom and hyaluronic acid to deliver a hit of moisture and nourishment and help protect the skin barrier.

It still retains the clarifying properties we're all after to give us a glow but it does so while also building strength in our skin and promising 48 hours of hydration. Priced at £16.99, it is now available at Thayers stockists.

Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief.

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