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Editors' Picks: New launches from Creed, No7, Nip+Fab and more...

Chloe Burney
12 April 2024

From Creed's new fragrance to No7's SPF, and more, here are the top beauty launch picks of the week from team.

Queen of Silk, Creed

When someone walks past me wafting a fragrance that I instantly recognise, by most accounts it’s usually The House of Creed’s Aventus scent. That being said, it’s safe to say that the 1760-founded brand has become one of the world leaders in perfume making (and, of course, selling).

The heritage brand’s latest olfactory launch is Queen of Silk. Launching far and wide in May, it is currently only available at Harrods and Creed.

Not only was I drawn to its purple encasing – my favourite colour – but the scent housed inside the trinket is one for the senses and a testament to the luxury brand’s elite reputation. Queen of Silk embodies "the opulent lustre and ethereal softness of silk, leaving a trail of sensual allure that captivates the senses".

Its tapestry weaves flowers and fruits along with tuberose, the complex woods of cedar, Madagascan vanilla and rich ambers.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.



Future Renew Damage Protection Defence Shield SPF50, No7

The launch of No7's Future Renew range last year took the industry by storm. With over 500,000 transactions in the first four weeks, the collection has continued to sell every seven seconds and holds the record for the highest repeat purchase rate of any facial skincare at Boots. So, when the beauty brand revealed it was expanding the range, I was excited to find out what the latest launch would be.

Unveiling its Damage Protection Defence Shield SPF50 earlier this week, the new lightweight, hydrating fluid promises to protect skin from cumulative daily UV exposure, which can cause both invisible damage and visible signs of damage. So, as well as reversing the visible signs of sun damage with its existing products, users can protect themselves against everyday sun damage too. A fab launch from No7, encouraging consumers to wear SPF daily (as they should!).

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer.

Cool Curls Mist, Hair by Sam McKnight

I’ve lived in London for 18 months now and I’ve noticed that the hard London water does two things to my hair. Firstly, it rids it of its natural wave and gives it the odd misplaced kink or cowlick. Secondly, it makes it fall out. Enter Sam McKnight’s Cool Curls Mist.

The mist defines your curls whilst strengthening your hair and will leave curls and coils soft, never crunchy. It’s clinically proven to give 24-hour frizz protection, which is ideal for someone like me who struggles with a permanent halo of frizz when I invariably lose interest halfway through blow drying.

For tighter coils, Cool Curls can be used to style twists or braid-outs by misting evenly through your hair and then styling. So, curly girls – look no further!

Katie Ross, Contributing Writer.

Tanning Mousse, Skiiin

If I learned anything from my interview with Dr.Barbara Sturm last week, it’s that my skin is a fragile organ and that anything I put on it should be sensitive and calming. That’s where Skiiin's new fake tan comes in.

The newly launched brand has created a range of self-tanners specifically designed for sensitive skin and to not cause inflammation.

Founder Danielle Sangha’s acne-prone complexion was often irritated by fake tans on the market, motivating her to create a new product. Skiiin’s formula includes a powerful combination of Polyglutamic Acid and Aloe Plant Extracts for deep hydration and soothed skin.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.

Peptide Fix Finishing Oil 2%, Nip+Fab 

I find that the one drawback of the oil phase in my nighttime routine is that it is, well, oily. Yellowing your fresh white pillow after dousing your visage in rosehip is a fate we’d all rather avoid. However, Nip + Fab has just launched Peptide Fix Finishing Oil 2%, the hero product of its new Peptide Fix range, certain to put the pep in your 5-step routine, minus the unwelcome grease. But, don’t be put off by its blue colour, since it derives naturally from the copper peptides which help to boost collagen production.

Collagen cannot be absorbed topically, since the molecule is too large. Peptides are small enough to reach the lower layers of the skin and nurture collagen from within. Plus, as a hardcore retinol fan, the best news is that the cellular interaction of peptides is completely different, meaning that the oil can also be used alongside. So yes, it is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Katie Ross, Contributing Writer.

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