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Editors' Top Reads: News from Diptyque, Glossier, Byoma and more... Team
10 May 2024

Here are some of this week’s news and features highlights handpicked by team.


Diptyque debuts new store concept as it opens New Bond Street flagship

If you find yourself in the New Bond Street area any time soon, do yourself and your senses a favour and stop off at the new Maison Diptyque, which just opened on the capital's swankiest shopping street this week. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the scents and story of this beautiful brand in the most exquisite surroundings, but your faith in the future of physical retail will also be restored.

I was lucky enough to get a preview tour of this store a day before it opened and had the chance to explore all of the nooks and crannies, from the chill-out room to the workshop space and the VIP area, as well as the perfect little French café on the top floor.

Every square centimetre of this three-storey store is considered, elevated and engaging. There are beautiful floral ceiling murals, a staircase encased in what looks like rose bush branches, golden swan taps on a sink where customers can try out the hand washes, display cabinets showing original artworks from the brand's archive, a beautiful copper bath (which I assume is for display only!) and lots and lots of candles in every imaginable smell and size in a variety of beautiful vessels, as well as perfumes, bodycare and the brand's La Droguerie home products.

It is no exaggeration to say you could spend all day in here and not get bored. And you'd emerge smelling divine as well.

Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder, CEO and Editor in Chief.


Byoma introduces 'Skin Barrier Awareness Month' as it champions skincare education

Since launching in 2022, Byoma has captured consumer attention for its barrier-boosting formulations and unique packaging, with products often flying off the shelves and reaching viral status on social media. Now, continuing its mission to democratise and demystify skincare, the brand has introduced 'Skin Barrier Awareness Month' this May.

As part of this, Byoma hopes to "lead the charge" on education, driving conversations around how skincare should be used at every age, so "everyone feels empowered with knowledge to make the best choices for their unique skin type and concerns". It is also launching several other initiatives to "supercharge" its skin barrier building mission, from the opening of a Byoma clinical testing lab at its Glasgow HQ to the introduction of a Smart Skin Scan AI Tool for personalised skin analysis, and more. It marks a refreshing approach to skincare to help consumers navigate the highly-saturated and often confusing market.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer.


Glossier branches out of London with new Space NK retail partnership

This week, it was announced that the cult-favourite beauty brand Glossier, which has already garnered a strong presence in London, is branching out across the UK in partnership with Space NK.

The beauty brand currently has a flagship store in the heart of London's Covent Garden and is sold by third-party retailer Sephora in London. Reaffirming that beauty brick-and-mortar is on the rise, by joining forces with Sephora's rival Space NK, its pink products, including makeup, skincare and fragrance, will be available across an additional 48 stores across the UK and Ireland from 8 June.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.

Hardly Ever Worn It // Hewi

Luxury fashion resale platform Hardly Ever Worn It ventures into beauty

This is a smart move. Luxury fashion resale site Hardly Ever Worn It (affectionately known as hewi) has ventured into beauty. Having been at the forefront of changing consumer behaviour in fashion for more than a decade, it now has its sights set on this complementary.

For the fashion consumer, hewi offers a luxury service and experience for the sale and purchasing of pre-owned high-end fashion for men, women and children that is comparable to those retailers selling brand new stock. And the quality of the product it offers is of a higher standard than many resale platforms too.

Its beauty channel now allows its B2B clients and individual sellers to sell unused beauty products – from fragrance to makeup, skincare, tools and technology – to a willing buyer. Many of these products have nothing wrong with them, bar perhaps some limited damage to the packaging, but for retailers, this means the otherwise perfect products cannot be sold. Hewi now provides the perfect "slipstream" to allow these products to be sold and eliminate the need for them to be wastefully discarded.

Let's hope others follow its lead. This is a great initiative and there are some great bargains to be had on its site.

Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder, CEO and Editor in Chief.

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