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Editors' Top Reads: News from Lush, Elemis, Glossier and more... Team
28 March 2024

Here are some of this week’s news and features highlights handpicked by team.


Glossier explores IPO while Merit Beauty mulls sale

The beauty M&A market is set to get very lively in 2024. News reached us this week that Glossier has hired advisers to look into an IPO. The US brand, founded by fashion writer Emily Weiss in 2014, is said to be turning over $100 million with Sephora alone (and around $275 million overall) and sources suggest that an IPO is the next logical step for development given the amount of money it has previously raised and its turnover.

Also Merit, which is only three years old, is said to be seeking a sale having recently appointed a new CEO and achieved sales of $100 million already. That is quite an achievement given its range (targeting the Millennial and up consumer) is so highly edited. Furthermore, Selena Gomez is said to be toying with the idea of selling her wildly popular Rare Beauty.

All this proves that the power of beauty remains strong and 2024 is going to be a fascinating one.

Lauretta Roberts, Co-founder, CEO and Editor in Chief.

Inside Lush's new Shrek-themed pop-up in London

Now, I haven't just selected this news because I'm a fan of Shrek (I mean, who isn't?). I think this pop-up experience is interesting because it is just another example of how Lush cleverly creates hype around its collaboration collections.

Located in London's Soho, the space is designed to make visitors "feel as though they have stepped into a fairground far, far away". It features interactive games with the opportunity for guests to win prizes, as well as displays filled with products from the limited-edition Lush x Shrek collection. Want to know more? Read about Lush's new Shrek-themed pop-up here.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer. 

Elemis to finally open first-ever London store

Elemis, the British beauty brand renowned for its Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, is set to open its first-ever standalone store in London's Covent Garden. Unlike many brands, Elemis began its brick-and-mortar journey with third-party retailers, such as John Lewis. Only now, 30 years after its inception, is the brand venturing out on its own. This leaves us asking whether or not its recent found fame on TikTok has anything to do with its expansion.

Set to open at 23 Monmouth Street, Elemis will join the Seven Dials community after testing the waters at its successful 'Cleansing Lab' pop-up in Covent Garden’s Piazza last year. The skincare brand will open an approximately 1,000 sq ft unit, which will feature its range of skincare grounded in a foundation of aromatherapy and backed by science.

Chloé Burney, Senior News & Features Writer.

British Beauty Week

Why the British Beauty Council is launching an industry-wide census

The British Beauty Council revealed this week that it is taking a deep dive into the industry to find out what beauty really means to its workers and consumers. Underpinned by the biggest research project in its history, the organisation is launching a new 'Beauty Census' next month to help assess the £24.5 billion a year industry.

The census will urge more than half a million workers in the sector to have their say, with consumers also to be questioned on how they perceive the industry and the importance of the services it provides. It is hoped the findings will encourage a perception shift in how the trade is seen by the public and help the British Beauty Council respond to the concerns of those who work in it. This is an interesting initiative and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

Sophie Smith, News Editor & Senior Writer. 

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