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Emma Lewisham tackles blemishes with new "world-first" serum

Sophie Smith
05 October 2023

Luxury skincare brand Emma Lewisham has harnessed 20 years of "world-leading"science for its new Supernatural Blemish Serum.

Boasting a "world-first" LIVE skin-strain probiotic, the serum works to reduce acne and blemishes while improving overall skin health and condition.

The specialised skin-strain probiotic, called micrococcus luteus, delivers more than 235 million live probiotic cells per dose, which inhibit the bacteria that causes acne and blemishes (C. Acnes) on skin.

The patented technology represents a breakthrough in skin science, the brand said, "delivering results without compromise".


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Emma Lewisham, the brand's founder, said: "This formulation embodies our unwavering commitment to delivering the latest scientific discoveries in skincare, being backed by over 20 years of patented research and harnessing a world-first, live skin-strain probiotic.

"It defines our dedication to providing pioneering results without compromise as it powerfully targets acne while improving the overall condition of the skin, overcoming the efficacy versus tolerability trade-off of most acne treatments. And, it solidifies our promise to prove that nature truly is the world’s best bioengineer.

"I truly believe this is a product that will change people's lives."

Launched in 2019, Emma Lewisham offers science-led, natural skincare formulated with a Physiology Synchrony Unlock Method.

The brand works with physiologists to understand how the skin works and what actions are needed to target specific skin concerns, and harnesses scientific ingredients to deliver these actions.

Its range includes a cleanser, exfoliant, serum, eye cream and sleeping mask, as well as face creams and oils - all of which are refillable.

Last month, Emma Lewisham launched at Space NK, marking its first major roll-out in the UK. As part of this, the brand is now available online and at 55 Space NK stores across the country.

Read's interview with Emma Lewisham on the expansion of her luxury skincare brand.

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