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Emolyne celebrates first birthday with a launch of new online store and unique shade finder tool

Tom Shearsmith
20 May 2021

First launched in May 2020, Emolyne has announced the relaunch of its online store to celebrate its 1st birthday with a unique Shade Finder quiz, helping shoppers discover their best suited red and nude shades, matched to their skin tone.

As lockdown restrictions revolutionised the way consumers shopped for beauty online, brand founder Emolyne Ramlov felt that the Shade Finder quiz was a necessary tool for beauty lovers to shade match lipsticks and nails online, similar to foundations.

The Shade Finder tool uses self-identification images from a large range of diverse models in addition to answering quiz questions on a users skin undertone, eye and hair colours.

Shoppers can use the new tool to find their best shade in each product, with a range of 30 shades - 15 red and 15 nude. The shades available include:

Lira, Fes, Luxor, Eritrea, Cairo, Tanzania, Mozambique, Uganda, Kampala, Morocco, Marrakech, Mali, Cameroon, Asmara, Nairobi, Casablanca, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Zanzibar, Lagos, Libreville, Seychelles, Cape Coast, Alexandria, Senegal, Cameroon, Abuja, Côte D’Ivoire, Kira, Nigeria


Against a crowded and cluttered beauty landscape, Emolyne presents a streamlined vision of beauty with a nude colour palette that plays to all genders who desire to curate a more colourful cosmetic wardrobe.

Born in Uganda and raised in Denmark, growing up Ramlov had always found it hard to find the right makeup shades for her skin tone and frequently felt underrepresented in the world of nude cosmetics, despite a plethora of products out there.

Emolyne provides inclusive, chic and beautifully packaged lip and nail products, with vegan friendly formulas for all genders, ages and ethnicities.

Emolyne Ramlov, Founder of Emolyne, said: "We have learnt a lot during our first year of launch, and have taken all of your feedback on board – the good and the bad! We created a brand born out of the need to find that staple lipstick shade, no matter your skin tone.

"We know it can be hard to find your perfect shade online, so we’ve come up with a new way to help you decide. Enter 2.0. Our new Shade Finder page brings to life all 30 shades on an array of models in varying skin tones and undertones, so that you can easily decide which will suit you best. Just select the model you most identify with to discover your new favourite shades!"

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