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Estrid launches new sister brand April

Sophie Smith
04 April 2022

Swedish wellness brand April has officially launched today, aiming to unite modern science and traditional botanical remedies to create a range of vegan, subscription-based supplements.

Launched by online razor business Estrid, April hopes to "shape the future of wellness and make people feel great by making daily wellness routines easy and fun". April has teamed up with UK industry experts for product development, ingredient choices and sustainability commitments.

The brand is also working with doctors, nutritionists and herbalists to help demystify the supplement industry and make it more accessible.

Helena Aru, Director of April, said: “There’s so much shaming within wellness today. If you can’t live up to the unwritten rules, you’re not allowed to call yourself healthy. At April we want to encourage consumers to create their own wellness rules and find a daily routine that suits them. Feeling good is personal and we believe that health and wellbeing routines should be as well.”

Ben Eliass, Founder and CEO of Estrid, added: "We are so excited to launch April, the sibling label to Estrid. Estrid was created just before a global pandemic, which saw the demand for wellness products in our community soar. Our goal with April is to create a new type of wellness brand, one that rewrites the rules of what a modern supplements company can and should look like."

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