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Everything you need to know about Charlotte Tilbury's new fragrance line

Sophie Smith
15 April 2024

Already dominating the makeup and skincare space, Charlotte Tilbury has now unveiled her debut fragrance collection, featuring a line-up of six emotion-boosting scents.

Created in partnership with master perfumers and neuroscience experts at IFF, the collection has been designed to evoke a range of emotions, including feelings of joy, seduction and calm.

"My fragrances are for everyone and are the result of harnessing the expertise of world-renowned perfumers, cutting-edge technology, neuroscience, 40 years of research, and the most extraordinary olfactive symphony of ingredients to create my most innovative collection ever," Tilbury revealed.

"From dreams to science to ingredients to each beautiful bottle, you are stepping into the future of fragrance. This is a spectacular, olfactive revolution in the beauty industry."

The process

By harnessing, processing and analysing data from tens of thousands of consumers across the world, IFF scientifically measured the way thousands of fragrance notes impacted different people, discovering how they shape our emotions.

An IFF proprietary algorithm, called the IFF ScentCube, was then developed to identify a range of emotions that could be targeted through scent combinations or fragrance accords.

"We measure the emotional power of ingredients by understanding the specific effect they have on us and we identify which emotions they enhance," said Dr Céline Manetta PHD, Senior Consumer Science Manager at IFF.

"We then use artificial intelligence with an IFF proprietary tool that analyses all this data and gives perfumers innovative ingredient combinations to enhance specific emotions. It creates a specific palette of ingredients so they can compose with it."

The resulting fragrance compositions are then a blend of carefully selected ingredients identified by the proprietary algorithm to target emotions and a combination of Magic Fragrance Notes, which are described as "Tilbury's olfactory vision of each emotion decoded and distilled by the perfumers".

To create each fragrance, Tilbury had a very specific vision for each emotion she wanted to capture - from the dreamy, dizzy heights of love for Love Frequency to a calming oasis for Calm Bliss and pure unicorn, stardust energy for Cosmic Power.

The scents

Love Frequency (floral woody) is Tilbury's vision of a modern rose, powered by love emotion-boosting molecules – hypnotic rose essential and warm cashmere wood - that "bathes you in the glow of love".

More Sex (musk leather) is described as sensual and alluring. Transporting wearers from day to dusk, it is powered by emotion-boosting molecules - sexual accord, velvety musk, leather accord, and sandalwood.

Joyphoria (warm floral) is described as "happiness in a bottle", thanks to its emotion-boosting molecules - radiant ylang ylang and enchanting vanilla bean extract - to represent "pure paradise".

Magic Energy (citrus woody) offers a shot of grounding energy, powered by emotion-boosting molecules - spiritual palo santo accord, re-energising bergamot oil, and bold cypress ultimate.

Calm Bliss (aquatic floral) boasts serene emotion-boosting molecules - sweet neroli oil and a watery accord. The scent is inspired by the calming, cleansing effects of the sea and lakes of lotus flowers.

Cosmic Power (ambery spice) is an olfactive celebration of empowerment, with invigorating black pepper oil, divine cinnamon bark oil, captivating clove oil, mystical amber accord, and enchanting vanilla bean extract.

The packaging

Each fragrance bottle takes inspiration from 18th Century alchemist potion and perfume bottles, topped with spire-like lids inspired by the Great Pyramids of the Ancient Egyptians.

Matching the colour of each bottle to the feelings they evoke, the packaging design hopes to create a "total immersive experience".

"Colour is nature’s most powerful signalling system. For years, this attraction to colour has mesmerised the world, from chemists and scientists to artists who mix their paints by hand to create paintings that evoke real emotion," Tilbury added.

Priced at £130 for 100ml, £20 for 10ml and £25 for a discovery set, The Fragrance Collection of Emotions will launch on 30 April.

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