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Everything you need to know about Tatti Lashes and Khloé Kardashian's collection

Chloe Burney
24 May 2024

Liverpool-founded beauty brand, Tatti Lashes, has today announced the launch of its affordable lash collection in collaboration with Khloé Kardashian as well as its foray into US distribution.

Working alongside brand Founders, Charlotte Tiplady & Elliot Barton, Kardashian has curated a lash collection that “reflects her versatile style”. It features three reusable lashes crafted with lightweight, synthetic fibres, set on an invisible band that is designed to blend seamlessly with the natural lash line for an undetectable finish.

As part of the Khloé Kardashian x Tatti Lashes lash collection, the brand is also launching a long-lasting lash adhesive, which locks lashes in place for up to seven days, alongside a curved lash applicator for £9.95. There will be a nourishing rose oil-infused lash remover on offer for £15.95.

Khloé Kardashian said: "I have loved partnering with Tatti Lashes – I wanted to create a lash collection that embodies my style and empowers people to express themselves with confidence. We’ve created three super versatile lash styles that will take you from day to night."

The day-to-night duo, £10.95

Founded by two friends, Charlotte Tiplady & Elliot Barton, in 2017, Tatti Lashes has fast become a global success. The duo set out to rejuvenate the lash category with the ambition of appealing to a local North-West market. They now have a team of over 70 staff and offices in Liverpool and Manchester.

With a turnover of £27.2 million in the financial year ending 2024, Tatti Lashes reported growth of 43% year-on-year. Selling one lash every six seconds, Tatti Lashes now has its sights set on US domination, which coincides with Khloé Kardashian's new collection.

Elliot Barton, Co-founder of Tatti Lashes, added: "Collaborating with Khloé’ is a dream come true. She was one of the first major celebrities who wore our lashes in the early days of launch. Khloe’s style has always resonated with our customers – she’s always playful with her glam and her hair and makeup have remained a huge source of inspiration within the beauty community.

"This collaboration marks a major milestone for Tatti Lashes, and I envision it will propel the brand further into Global territories. The launch of this collaboration could not be better timings as it coincides with Tatti Lashes' official launch of distribution from the USA."

All products can be purchased separately or as part of a limited edition gift set (£35.95) from 28th May 2024 via worldwide.

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