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Forgo launches with new waterless personal care

Sophie Smith
10 November 2021

Swedish-based brand Forgo has announced its launch, highlighting the brand's mission to revolutionise the personal care market. In collaboration with design studio Form Us With Love, the brand hopes to bring to life low emissions and low toxin personal care

Following the brand's ethos of using less materials in a smarter and more purposeful way, Forgo aims to create products that are better for the earth, mind and body. To achieve this, the brand has created waterless powder bodycare formulations that are delivered to your door in thin paper envelopes.

Launching with its new waterless body wash, Forgo has created a soap powder formulation for consumers to mix with water at home to  turn into a gel wash. Available in natural scents made from excess natural resources, the cleansing gel is infused with Niacinimide and uses 85% less emissions per refill

Forgo also stocks a waterless hand wash, which the brand began developing in 2018.

Customers can purchase a reusable bottle and refill packets, with the brand also offering starter kits including both.

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