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Fragrance brand Gabar launches at Liberty

Sophie Smith
25 July 2022

Fragrance brand Gabar has announced its launch at Liberty, becoming its first major retailer in the UK.

Established in Myanmar, Gabar has three fragrances inspired by its Southeast Asian heritage.

Gabar joins Liberty's range of fragrance brands including Diptyque, Byredo, Escentric Molecules, Sana Jardin and Frederic Malle.

The No.I Float Eau de Parfum celebrates Myanmar's traditional cooking, tropical flora and untouched environments. The fragrance includes notes of musk, lemongrass and bergamot.

The No.II Ground Eau de Parfum celebrates Myanmar’s ancient capital of Bagan. The fragrance blends deep notes of wood bark with undertones of sandalwood, saffron and fig.

The No.III Swim Eau de Parfum is inspired by the jungle region of Hpa-An, Myanmar. The fragrance features notes of verdant, blackcurrant bud, wild fig, cedarwood and amber.

Phway Su Aye and Susan Wai Hnin, Executive Directors at Gabar, commented: “Gabar is immensely proud to have launched at Liberty. As one of London’s oldest and most notable premier shopping destinations and a globally-recognised curator of fragrances, it makes us all the more excited to introduce Gabar to Liberty’s audiences and reach new clientele, near and far.

"We are especially proud to represent our region, as the very first Myanmar brand to grace Liberty’s floors. We are grateful to the Liberty beauty team and the wonderful individuals in the perfume department who made this happen. It’s been a true pleasure stepping into the store and being able to see the brand come to life alongside other leading names.”

The news follows the launch of Liberty's new biannual 'The Hall' beauty newspaper, aiming to ramp up the brand's engagement with the beauty community.

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