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Fussy launches charity Christmas single in partnership with Plastic Bank

Sophie Smith
08 November 2022

Sustainable deodorant brand Fussy has partnered with Plastic Bank to release a charity Christmas single. 

The campaign features Deborah Meaden, who invested in the brand on Dragon's Den earlier this year, and hopes to bring a "touch of silliness to the world when we all need it most".

The charity Christmas single stars ‘The Fussy Pits’, a group of carol singers who surprise a couple on their doorstep with a rendition of ‘Deck the Halls’ using nothing but their armpits as instruments.

The amount of plastic packaging sent to landfill at Christmas equates to 114,000 tonnes - the same weight of 650,000 reindeer. Fussy has partnered with Plastic Bank to combat this, with every download saving 1kg of plastic from entering the ocean.

Commenting on the campaign, Deborah Meaden said: "The amount of single-use plastic we throw away every year is just silly. So, why not have a silly song to help provide a solution. Now more than ever is the time to be Fussy about the brands and products we choose to support."

Read's interview with the Founder of Fussy, Matt Kennedy.

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