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Harry's sister brand Flamingo makes UK debut

Gaelle Walker
29 July 2021

Premium body hair removal brand Flamingo has landed on UK shores following its rip-roaring US debut.

Now selling one razor every 15 seconds since its 2019 US launch, the brand (sister to the ultra-successful Harry’s male shaving line) offers a range of different products designed to  “elevate” women’s hair removal routines.

From its ‘Gothic Arch’ shaped razors, to its vitamin infused shave gel, the range contains a suite of quality, effective, products to make the hair removal process more enjoyable.

The Flamingo range also includes an innovative wax formula that renders strips ready-to-use without prior warming.

A custom wavy edge on both ends allows for an easy grip and the strips come in two sizes: Body Wax strips for larger surface areas and Face Wax strips for more precise areas.

Flamingo Co-Founder Allie Melnick said: Before we launched Flamingo, over a million women (including me) were using Harry’s razors.

"We saw an opportunity to design a better hair removal experience for women, one that speaks to the fluidity of when, where, and how women want to care for and remove their body hair.

“To state the obvious, all women have body hair - but there’s also this personal diversity in how we care for it.”

The Flamingo brand has also pledged to set aside 1% of sales to support non-profit organisations, including The Female Lead, in a bid to help women build more healthy, positive relationships with

Available online and in Sainsbury’s Boots and Tesco, the full Flamingo line-up includes:

  • Flamingo Razor available in Taro, Mint and Pomelo, rrp £8.00
  • Flamingo Cartridges 4 pack, rrp £8.00
  • Flamingo Cartridges 8 pack, rrp £15.00
  • Flamingo Shave Gel, rrp £4.00
  • Flamingo Face Wax Kit, rrp £9.00
  • Flamingo Body Wax Kit, rrp £9.00

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