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Haus Labs introduces online ingredient database to boost consumer confidence 

Sophie Smith
24 August 2023

Haus Labs by Lady Gaga is championing product transparency with a new online ingredient database.

The brand has partnered with beauty transparency platform ClearForMe to offer customers access to an Ingredient Glossary via its direct-to-consumer website.

Haus Labs

The new database allows customers to access simple yet clear definitions and functions about ingredients used in the brand's products to "further enhance their shopping experience".

The definitions are supported by a specialised team of dermatologists, technologists, ingredient analysts, and database experts who serve as advisors on ClearForMe's Ingredient Review Committee.

To access the Ingredient Glossary, users can select an ingredient name to read a short description about its properties.

The service also allows customers to shop Haus Labs products containing the chosen ingredient via a link.

Kelly Coller, Chief Marketing Officer of Haus Labs, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with ClearForMe to provide consumers with easy-to-understand and globally validated ingredient definitions.

"As a clean and science-driven brand, transparency and ingredient benefits are critical. This new feature will provide customers the knowledge and confidence to make the best purchasing decisions for themselves while we showcase many of our proprietary and first-to-market products, complexes and ingredients."

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